Better half than none!

Mkate nusu is swahili for half a loaf of bread. I have been lazy the past 10 months. I almost gave up on writing all together. I am in this phase in my life where I am asking myself a lot of questions regarding my existence. One thing that I have come to realise is that money, career and accolades are all vanity and not worth fixating my life on.

I also learnt from a heart to heart with my best friend (in the entire solar system) that in life it isn’t just talent and passion it is about persistence. Another friend, also said something pretty profound to me. “It is your job to write.” Whether I feel like it, or not or think it is a good idea or not. It reaches a point where the things you love need to be done. Not just done because your emotions and selfish desires lead you to it. But because it is a gifting you have that, like a muscle, needs to be exercised.

I am in the process of writing my first fiction book, with my mentor on my tail to get it done. I got a mentor this past weekend. Not sure if he knows that he is my mentor yet. But he will.

And why this blog is called Mkate Nusu? Well it is because these are bits and bobs, of prose that could make a short story, that I spew out in no specific order. Call it a taste of my exercise routine in writing.

Rose Odengo


5 thoughts on “Better half than none!

  1. Aww! Give me a handkerchief, can’t help but tear!! I love the energy in you girl and I totally agree with all those friends that you were created to be a writer 😉 . Yes!! Its the only thing that I believe will give you all the joy and satisfaction in this life!! You are just one of a kind. I am your number one fan and I just can’t wait to buy the book;) About your mentor! Oh! Boy! He better know what he is getting himself into;) All the best!

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