Gone Wild

It was a normal morning Margaret and Mary had breakfast ready for a long day of nothing. A nice warm Saturday, anything goes. They were watching TV, Mary loved animals so it was NatGeo Wild all morning, at around 11 am, Margaret eventually dosed off from boredom. Then they all got bored.

Margaret went into the kitchen at around 12.30pm, and opened the fridge and stared inside for about 2 minutes trying to figure out exactly what they could eat.

“There is nothing else to eat in here,” Margaret yelled from the Kitchen.

“Well we can order  fries.”

“I don’t think so, let’s take a walk, we’ve bummed in here long enough. We could eat at a restaurant at the mall, healthy food.”

“Mall and healthy food? Oxymoron!”

“Whatever! Mary!” Margaret retorted a bit irriated by that remark. Mary wasn’t offering an alternative closer to home.

The two hit the shower, and then left for the mall smothered in cocoa butter, body splash and glossy lip gloss. And in brightly coloured flip flops they strut to the mall in search for food. After a ten minute walk they had finally reached their destination. Margaret was whinning that her feet hurt and Mary wasn’t hearing it she needed to eat something or someone was going to have it rough. Mary was irritable and didn’t have the heart to listen to what restaurant Margaret had in mind or preferred. Mary wanted a nice healthy filling and that was all, “eat till you can eat no more”. Mary remarked.

Mary stared at the steak on the grill at one restaurant and gave off a sinister smile. She licked her lips and drooled slightly. “Gross Mary, control yourself.”

Mary threw a glance at Margaret and sneered, it startled Margaret, Mary laughed. “I thought you liked animals also, Ms. NatGeo Wild by extension!”Mary retorted sarcastically.

“Not the kind who walk on twos wanting to devour us.”Margaret remarked.

The waiter finally arrived at their table to place their order, he placed the menus on the table. Just as he lifted his hands from the table, Mary latched onto one hand and began to nibble on his hands. The man broke free and dashed to the counter to talk to who seemed like the manager.

“What the hell was that?”

“I swear to you Maggie! I have no idea! I did not plan it it just happened instinctively.”

“Instinctively, what are you a jackal?”

They both froze, “Noooo waaaay!” they chorused with eyes wide open. The manager came over to the table and involuntarily, Margaret pounced on the table and began to growl. Then Mary growled showing off her gums and canines. The manager asked them to leave. They eyeballed him and stood up, then Mary pounced on him, and pinned him to the floor, Margaret quickly dashed to the counter and grabbed someone else’s order and paid and they both ran out of the mall.

“What just happened there?” Mary snapped out of the trance she was in.

“I don’t know.” Margaret was equally baffled.

“Let’s just eat I am starving.” And together they wolfed down that food completely unaware that they had began to go wild.


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