Where am I?

“Amen!” the first thing Sarah said when she awoke confused. She wasn’t quite sure why she said it in the first place. Her mouth was gummy with white fuzz on either end of her mouth. She used her fingers to wipe it off as she sat up on her bed. She looked around, here curtains were open, and it was pouring outside. There was something about that room…it just didn’t feel right.

Sarah slid back into bed and covered her head, “5 more minutes” she muttered. After just three minutes she was startled by a loud persistent ring. She quickly flung off her duvet and sat upright. She looked around, she couldn’t see anyone but she felt watched. By who or what she had no idea.

A door creaked open; Sarah peeped through her open bedroom door and saw the kitchen door was open down the hall from her. She slowly slid off her bed, grabbed her robe hanging on her wardrobe door and flung it on. She tip toed out of her room all the way to the kitchen. She got to the door and peered through it.

“Hi Sarah!” the man said enthusiastically. Sarah instinctively grabbed her robe and tightend it around her waist, touching her self to ensure that he didn’t see any part of her. “Sarah?” the man walked toward her. Sarah stepped back and slammed the kitchen door. “Aw! Watch your step Sarah!” another man let out a yelp hopping on one foot. “You stepped on me.”

“Sorry?” Sarah let out confused, wondering who these men were in her house. She pushed the injured man and walked straight into the living room where an elderly woman was seated watching TV. Her face was forlorn until she laid her eyes on Sarah and they lit up. The woman smiled beckoning Sarah with her soft hands. Sarah shook her head as she backed up out of the living room.

“Awww! Again! Sarah! What is it?”

Sarah looked at him and signaled her apology with her open palms and quickly dashed to her room and slammed the door behind her. She was scared, confused. “Who were these people? What were they doing here? How did they know her? Sarah sat on her bed puzzled and slowly began to take stock of her room.

“Get well soon Sarah!”

“We love you!”

“Can’t wait to go swimming again like we always do.”

Cards, flowers, energy drinks, supplement bottles some empty, some full, some halfway done. “Whose are these?” she asked out loud. She slid off her bed again and opened her wardrobe looking in to the mirror. She startled herself. She recalled weighing in at 100 kilos. Now she looked barely 50 kilos. She was emaciated, all this made her dizzy; she lay down on her bed and closed her eyes and went straight into a deep slumber.


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