The bus was late again. Lucia was livid. She had told her brother time and again to not book Timely Coach. There was nothing timely about it. It was always painfully late. Lucia’s brother preferred it because it was cheap and believed that would suffice when considering a public transportation option.

“No it is NOT Andrew!  See! See! We should have left at 7am it is 11AM! Why in the world do I even bother to ask you to run errands for me? You do what you want anyway!”

As Lucia spat out her disappointment at her brother, the bus pulled in. The awkward shade of aquamarine blue peeling off metal and the image of a happy customer care executive with an ear piece with the tagline “Always on time” inched passed Lucie as she seethed. As the bus passed, she smelled a mixture of sweat and rot. She held her breath and pursed her lips tight, with a frown and shook her head.

She walked to where the bus had parked, Andrew handed her her hand luggage. “Love you, travel safe, sorry and let me know when you get there.” Andrew said as he peeled himself off of a now emotional Lucia. Despite being pissed off by him, Lucia still loved her brother. She waved as Andrew steadiy walked toward his car.

Lucia’s mushiness soon faded as she walked toward the entrance of the bus seething, she wanted to know who was in charge and give him a piece of her mind. “What do you mean we couldn’t help it! “ Lucia began. “Your buses are ALWAYS LATE!” The bus conductor she was directing her anger to, didn’t even seem to pay her any mind. The driver was hovering back and forth not sure what to do. The irrate crowd of passengers was now building and the two seemed a bit more agitated. The stench that Lucia had smelled when the bus wheeled in seemed to be a bit more concentrated.

The driver quickly moved to one of the lower boots of the bus and pried it open. The protest quickly ended in coughs, spits and violent screaming.  The stench of rot, a swarm of flies buzzed violently on flesh, you could barely see what the flies lay on. Then a limp hand fell out of the boot. The conductor threw up and ran to the offices about 200 metres away.

The manager emerged bug eyed and completely speechless. But seemed aware of what was transpiring. The driver called out for help the crowd jolted back. The inflated corpse was discoloured, fly infested and saturating the air in the vicinity. Passengers anticipating travel including Lucia began to run for their lives but only after they whipped out their phones taking pictures. Lucia quickly tagged her image “Death Coach” and posted it on Twitter.

It took the press 15 minutes and the cops another hour and a half to arrive at Timely Coach’s headquarters. The corpse had been placed into a hearse and rushed to City Mortuary and the bus driver was bleeding profusely, he had been pelted with gravel and had some rocks hurled at him for killing. Now he lay there staring death in the face.


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