It was a beautiful night; the moon was bold and stunning. Its reflection shimmered over the calm river. The air was soft, slowly swaying leaves on trees, made a harmonious sound with the crickets in the marsh in the distance. The occasional moments of silence, not even a mosquito stirring could be heard. Bliss. Oh! Bliss.

Terry lay on his back looking at the skies with a grin on his face. At last he had what he had been seeking, peace. Terry sighed and closed his eyes. The swaying of his hammock let out a creaking sound on the tree branch. Terry wasn’t bothered. He was at peace after several months of non stop fights and failure. Tonight swaying in his hammock alive and undisturbed was all that mattered.

There was a crackle and snapping sound, Terry peered over the edge of his hammock and steadily slid down to add some more logs into the flames of his campfire. He took a few steps to the lake shore and with his toes gently kissed the surface of the water. He then saw some movement and quickly stepped back. He walked back to the fire and warmed his now cold toes. He steadily eased into his deck chair that was right by the fire. Terry let out a sigh of relief and placed his hand on his heart and muttered something and smiled.

There was a loud sound, a huge wash of displaced water from the river. Terry didn’t hear the sound, and went about enjoying the warmth of the flame as the temperature began to steadily drop. The waters stirred once again, this time Terry turned a bit startled, but he saw nothing. He walked to his tent for his blanket and some boiled maize he had in his bag. He sat by the camp fire wrapped in his blanket and leaned in toward the flame roasting his maize cob, occasionally turning it to even out the roast.

Terry’s mouth watered he couldn’t wait to finally stuff his face. He turned once again to look into the beautiful glistening waters behind him. Just as he pulled out his hot cob, the gushing sound of water returned this time more forceful than before and without any warning Terry was tossed to the ground. He didn’t know what hit him, but it was like a bullet, it pierced his torso and thrust him to the ground. Terry groaned in pain feeling his torso. He raised his wet palm bloddied from the wound he had sustained. His breathing increased rapidly and he began to sweat. He was scared, was it going to come back. He turned to the direction of his tent. He saw something slither in. He felt heat on his thighs. He peed on himself. Terry was alone, it was dark and there was no civilization for kilometers. He wasn’t sure how long he would last. His eyes were fixed on the burning logs of wood.


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