Late night guests

Achieng awoke and found her hands clasped together, unusual she thought to herself. And she went back to sleep. About a few minutes later she was awoken once again, this time to a stench; a fusion of alcohol and an unbathed body, violently attacking her senses. She lifted her head shaking it and coughing violently as she reached for the water bottle by her bedside. She gulped, eyes closed and placed her bottle back on to the bedside cabinet and slumped back into bed.

Thump! What was that?  Achieng winced as she felt around her back with her hand, it felt like someone’s head. She jolted out of bed screaming. The lights went on in neighbouring flats. Achieng turned on the bedroom light and lying on her pillow was an unfamiliar man. She jumped and got the hockey stick from behind the door. She whacked the man on the tummy with it. He groaned, sitting upright and vomiting all over the floor beneath his feet. He looked at Achieng and then steadily eased back into the bed, just as he was about to lay his head on her pillow, she whacked him again, he moaned like an animal about to die. And he limpy waved her off.

Get off! Get off! What are you doing in my bed? What are you doing in my house? Get out! Get out! Get out! With every yell her pitch steadily went higher. Who was this man laying in her bed completely nonchalant of his actions? What was this smelly thing invading her space?

Bang! Bang! Bang! “Achieng?” a voice yelled from the bedroom door. Achieng jumped and screamed, she was startled how did anyone get into the house?

“Go away!” Achieng screamed as tears began to flow down her face, she was petrified, she thought she was going to die.

“Achieng it’s me. Muli!”

“Prove it!” Achieng barked back as she whacked at the edge of the bed to startle the stranger enough not to fall back on her bed. She began to shoo him away with the stick. He only shoved the stick away from him, rubbing his blood shot eyes.

“You sing yourself to sleep every night!” Muli barked from the other side of the door. “And I am coming in.” Muli flung the door open; it whacked Achieng on the head who let out a loud yelp. She turned to hit Muli but was stopped in mid swing. “Stop it! I am here to check in on you!” Muli retorted.

There was a loud moan and the stench returned. Muli looked at Achieng baffled,

“How did he get in here?” Achieng shook her head; Muli yanked the Hockey stick from her. In one hand he yanked the man off the bed, who had now left a huge black outline of where he had lain. And then began to frog march him out of the room.

“I’ll be back.” Muli assured Achieng. Achieng just stood against the walls looking at her bed and then her window, then back at her bed wondering how this man got in. She began to shiver and cry.


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