Just in the Nick of Time!

The music played gently in the background from the car stereo, as the two love birds lay face up on the grass staring at the starlight sky. They had been under the starry skies for a better part of the evening, and Eva was now getting cold. It was romantic but the chills were overwhelming her shivering body now covered with goosebumps.

Eddie removed his jacket and placed it over Eva’s shoulders.

“How does that feel? Warm?” Eva nodded as she fastened her grip on the jacket. She was shivering violently. Eddie got concerned and touched her forehead with the back of his palm. Eva was burning up. He whisked her up in his arms and rushed to the car. Eva was shivering violently. Eddie lowered the front passenger seat and strapped shivering Eva in.

Eddie hit the accelerator and sped off, 10 minutes later at 120 km/hr they were in hospital. Eddie’s girl was wheeled away from him through the flapping doors. It would take another 45 minutes before he heard his name called over the tannoy to go into to see his beau in the ward.

Eva was pale and she looked so frail. She had drastically deteriorated in just an hour. She looked like she was in excruciating pain. Ever so often she would clasp her abdomen and groan. Eddie was really worried about her. He felt helpless, he wanted to do more, Eva was now perspiring like she was right beneath the sun.

Eddie hit the panic button in the room and the nurse asked him to step out. He heard a loud moan and then a deafening silence fell. Eddie’s heart sank. Could this be the end as he knew it? The nurse peeled back the curtain and then called Eddie in. Eva’s eyes were shut, here breathing was steady. Her heart rate was stabilizing. Eddie leaned in and smothered Eva with kisses. Her colour was steadily filling her face once again.

Eddie lay next to her that night, nothing was going to stop him from being with his woman every step of the way. Nothing. And that night as Eva slept soundly, Eddie made a commitment to Eva to never leave her.


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