God’s Grace?

One of my lecturers once said in class that in this country, Kenya, we operate by the “grace of God”. I laughed rolled my eyes and partially lied to myself that it can’t be that bad. I knew better, two years ago I crashed after just two years of reporting on things that I witnessed in this country. I was made very aware that, in all honesty, with all the brilliance and potential in this country, we are living on a rotten foundation as a country.

I have interviewed people who were huddled up in to concentration camps in the North of Kenya and lived in a state of emergency for 3 decades. Deprived, tortured and children murdered. I met a 6 year old raped and the perpetrator walk away scot-free. I have seen the constant regression of the Kenyan medical system and even personally been deprived healthcare when I did not have a cent.

I have met teen prostitutes who chose their profession to take care of their jobless parents and raise their siblings. Spent afternoons with Transgenders and empathised with their confusions and frustrations. Watched doctors grovel to give basic healthcare in villages that have shells for health facilities.

And most recently over the last few years watched Kenyans die because of the lack of coordination amongst security agencies. I can go on till the cows come home. You catch my drift; the constant African narrative of poverty, disease, war and corruption. Yes it is frustrating, yes the greed is pornographic, but there is hope. Because we belong in a generation where people have chosen to be and make the difference.


Boniface, Sham Patel and Ory are the constant reminder to me why I should care and act to make a positive difference with what I have. And most of all stay at it, because let’s be honest if we don’t, this country will happily sail into utter destruction. God’s Grace can only last so long when good people do nothing!


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