She lifted the empty pack of cashew nuts and pried it open with her teeth and wiggled her tongue inside the pack to lick what was left. Angela let out a huge burp and then looked at her bright screen. Darn it, she had been on Facebook for the past hour instead of studying. Angela had an exam the following day but she didn’t seem to care. She sipped on her juice that balanced carefully atop her text book. She knew she was meant to read it, the page was open, her note book was open next to the text book with her pen. Angela stood up, reached for her juice bottle and went to the living room.

She turned on the TV, feet up on the couch and lay her head back sipping on the juice bottle nozzle. Angela was completely determined to tune out the world around her. Angela lifted her head once again this time to turn off the TV.

The rain began to pour outside; Angela pulled her Maasai blanket from the chair’s arm rest and covered herself. She sighed and slid on to her back closing her eyes slowly, a smile gripping her face. She breathed out and sighed as she closed her eyes. For a moment Angela felt relieved. Her moment of piece was disrupted by a buzzing sound followed by a crack and sweeping sound. She was suddenly engulfed in smoke; she saw a bright flash light up the room from the outside. Angela jolted to an upright position, she began to cough violently. She yanked the blanket and covered her nose and mouth with it.

Angela couldn’t see, the air was thick with a raging orange flames steadily moving from the direction the TV was in, to where she was resting. Angela began to scream. She choked as the smoke entered her lungs and she fell silent, she felt a violent bite on her left calf, she looked down she was on fire, the blanket she was using had caught fire and was burning her leg. Angela screamed violently; shrill, calling out for help and flinging the blanket to the ground.

Angela’s coughing was now gut wrenching, she banged on her front door, she needed to get out. No one came to assist her. Bursting sounds, fed the angry flames that now filled the walls, curtains, bookshelf all gone, the cracking sound of the flames muffled Angela’s cry for help, which was now slowly fading.


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