Dear Book Store Santa!

So last Friday after such a horridly hot and long day, I wandered into a book store and I began to drool. No I wasn’t ill, I was in awe. There were just so many books and there was a sea of authors I just didn’t know where to begin. So since there are just so many books and authors I needed to write you – I might need some of your elves here with me.

You might be wondering why? Well the reason why I will need the elves is because I need to be able to have little minions of my own to read books to me. You see audio books are not coming out as fast as they should, and the battery of my cell phone and iPod will die if I rely on technology. With an elf; my personal minion, he won’t run out of charge. I will be kind and feed him, they make their own clothes right? I won’t have to clothe them. But I will ensure they stay indoors nice and warm.

How many you asked? Well if a book store has about 5,000 titles then we can work with 10 at a ago. How will I keep up? I am not sure. But all I know is at the end of each day I need some great books to listen to, to relax and travel to new realms! I would like to enjoy the books pretty much everywhere; in the shower, in the toilet as I walk and eat. A bed time read once in a while won’t hurt right?

Which books do I want to start with? That is such a great question. Well to make up for old time sakes I would love to kick off with Agatha Christies, and then move to Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, then we can pause for some serious humor with some David Walliams. Then we can head into some African goodness with Ben Okri and the woman I idolize, Chimamanda. Then a Kwani? Anthology would be great.

Oh! The elves might need a break after that. And I guess my brain cells too. Maybe two week breaks before you take me through some good old John Kiriamiti and Meja Mwangi. Good old Kenyan classics! We can’t forget the great Ngugi wa Thiong’o! My goodness! What to do next? Maybe sleep would be great at some point. Oh! Yeah and some work on occasion to distract myself from the literary Everest.

Santa you must be wondering where the money would come from to get all those books? Well who needs money when you have elves? They can always make duplicates and ferry the goodies during the September Storymoja Hay Festival. The elves can canvas as people helping out at the workshops and sneak them to me by car. Ooo! But wait some goodies from Prajwal Parajuly, he’s so young and talent I hear. I want to read some of his work and the crime fiction based in Nairobi by Richard Crompton would be super!

Santa that is all I had to ask for. I promise to be on my best beahviour till then!

Yours sincerely

Needy reader Aluoch

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