Stranger of the Night

Pitter! Patter! Pitter! Pater! Drip! Drop! Drip! Drop! The rain gushed and folded, gushed and folded throughout the night. It was 2am, freezing outside, streets were flooded, the few cars that drove by, poured tidal waves of muddy sewer water on to the pavement washing some street urchins.

Needless to say the street urchins arose unamused, and off to the closest shelter to get some warm change of clothes. But most were forced to wait till 8am. The new batch of clothes hadn’t arrived from the laundry. Not far from the shelter near the boarded up building a young slender figure leaned on a concrete wall, one foot pressed against the wall, cauing his knee to look like an arrow pointing to a direction.

The man’ sinewy body was covered by a trench coat, a long wooly scarf and a fedora hat cocked to the side. And his shoes, a pair of ‘Air Jordans’; an expensive taste to show off on the streets so late at night. No one seemed interested in approaching this man to attempt a hostile wardrobe changed.

All those wet and some soaked in sewer and mud didn’t dare approach this individual.They all stood their wrapped in their blankets staring helplessly at him.

“It won’t hurt, just to try right?” Freddie remarked hoping for a positive response from the group.

“Freddie No!” Alex grabbed Freddie’s arm to prevent him from crossing over to the stranger.

“This guy is bad news!”What did that mean bad news, a well garbed man on the rough streets, he had it coming to him, showing off.

“Alex, we are badder, he’s out numbered 10 to 1. We can take it down.” Freddie remarked.

“Not like that Freddie, he’s mean, filthy too. You don’t want part of it.”

“Part of what Alex?” Alex leaned into Freddie’s ear and told him something that got Freddie shaking, his eyes widened open and he began to back away back in to the shadows of the cold night. The rain had stopped, but drips and drops could be heard hitting window panes and shattered water pipes, adding to the eeriness of the night.

The street fell almost completely silent, the wet, and exhausted street urchins, retreated into the shadows shivering from the cold. And the stranger in his fedora hat, lit his cigarette and puffed in silence, it was now 4.30am, no one knew why an able bodied person, dressed for comfort was out that late at night. His aura caused more fear and discomfort on the street.


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