“I will have the breakfast special…Thank you.” The man said as he peeled off his hat and trench coat to sit down in the booth. The waiter just stood there as if the man hadn’t said anything. He was tapping his little writing pad with the butt of his pencil.

The man stared at the waiter quizzically and tilted his head to read the Waiter’s name tag. “Onesmas is it? Is everything OK?”

Onesmas popped his gum, and resumed chewing loudly with his mouth open and nodded.

“Could I have my order? I am pretty famished you see…thank you.” The man nodded and Onesmas, popped his gum one more time, sneered and said in a really cocky voice, “One Breakfast special coming up!”

The man sat there and looked around the coffee house, there was a group of young chaps, about the age of his son hi-fiving and laughing out loud. He looked at that table for a while and smiled reminiscent of his youth. His thoughts were distracted by a woman who asked to share the booth with him.

“I hope you don’t mind, I normally don’t like sitting a lone at the table. I promise to be quiet and mind my own business…” She said with a huge smile. The man nodded and stretched out his hand. “I am Kanja. Please join me, no problem at all.”

“Selina. Thank you so much, you are too kind.” She responded.

Selina settled in to the booth and whipped out a small bedazzled notebook. She smiled sheepishly when she put it on the table. Kanja just looked at it and continued to read the news from his phone.

A huge thud hit the table and there was a slight spill. “Breakfast Spe-c-i-aal” Onesmas barked as he slammed the order on the table. “Madam! What do you want?!” He demanded.

“I am fine for now, would you mind just leaving a menu on the table. I will order when I am ready.” Onesmas popped his gum again and sneered intently at her and walked away.

“What is his problem?” Selina asked Kanja.

“I have no idea, but you did the right thing, order with another waiter.All I know; I might have had my order spat on.” Kanja said as he inspected his food. “Oh well!” Kanja dismissed his concern bowed his head for a few seconds, “Amen!” He looked up and Selina was gone. Gone, like she was never there, it couldn’t have been 10 seconds. He should have felt her move away from the booth.

Kanja shrugged and began to devour his breakfast, the food was savoury. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his plate. He slowed down after 10 minutes now sipping on his tea. He was reading the news pieces on his phone, as he scrolled to the next news story, he chocked on his tea; coughing violently.

“No way! Nooooo way!” he exclaimed drawing attention to himself. “My apologies,” He raised his hand. Selina’s face was plastered on the cover of a local daily; she was the mastermind of the recent terrorist attacks and was speculated to be targeting another public place in the capital. And just as Kanja was reading the last sentence in the story, everything went dark, debris in the air, screams and a loud buzzing sound filled his ears.


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