Deadly Purge

It was only 2.30am, the night seemed too long. Onchari was fidgety; he had tried everything he could think of to fall asleep. Nothing worked; he even tried to beat himself up so that he could pass out, but to no avail. Now there he was, red eyed and twitchy unsure of what to do with his time. He sat on the couch in the dark living room actively listening to the ticking of the wall clock.

“I can’t do this!” He barked shifting his position on the couch, now one leg was hiked up on the back of the chair, the other grounded. He looked like a weird gigantic spider. He began to squirm on the couch and moan. He was so physically exhausted, but his body wasn’t shutting down.

The clock ticking seemed to increase in volume, Onchari cupped his ears; “Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala” he began to mouth away getting louder and louder to drown the now annoying sound of the clock. Onchari peeled himself off the couch, hands still cupping his ears and ran straight into his living room wall, banging his head into the brick wall. He stumbled, his nose was broken, he moaned in agony. He staggered back to the couch and fell on his back.

Onchari let out a cough and he tasted blood. He peeled one hand from an ear and directed his index finger to his mouth to examine the residue from the cough, it was smelly, it was sticky and it was crimson. Onchari grinned in pain, grinding his teeth and began to tap his right foot on the concrete floor incessantly.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh!!!’ he groaned and opened his mouth once again, he purged its contents. As he attempted to run to the bathroom to avoid flooding the living room with his innards, he fell on his way. He slid on his puke and smacked his head to the ground in a thunderous roar. And just like that he was finally out like a light, face immersed in his puke and blood now oozing out of his ears, nose and mouth with the life he once had in him. Onchari was gone, just like that.


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