The crowd was roaring in the school stadium, Jerry was inching closer and closer to the finish line, his main rival Tom from a rival school was trailing way behind. The finishing line was Jerry’s alone. He was destined to win.

The crowd began to rise, chanting his name as screams of joy began to rent the air. Jerry was chuckling in excitement, he had finally done it. One, two, three and it was over. His torso ripped through the ribbon at the finishing line and the commentator called it. He was the new High School track star, the underdog from the plagued village of Ramburo.

Jerry could barely speak a word of English a year ago. But today, he had enough vocabulary to express his joy, excitement and gratitude to his team mates and coach who never let him get off easy. What next for Jerry? Jerry hoped to join the national team and represent the country. It wasn’t till this mete that he felt confident that he was capable of doing something with his life. And running and winning races seemed like something commendable to him.

Unfortunately, for him, the National Athletics Team scouts were busy swarming around Tom. Jerry walked off the track completely beaten down. It was all about who Tom’s father was, former Cross Country World Record Holder, Tom may have come in third but he had had a promising year seesawing in first and second place, until Jerry showed up on the track that day. Jerry walked back to his dorm room head hung in disappointment.

The sun set and the bell rung from the dinning hall ushering the school to dinner, Jerry didn’t go. He didn’t have much of an appetite after what had happened today. None of his roommates spoke to him; they didn’t know how to console the young lad. About half an hour later when his roommates had returned from dinner, as Peter attempted to open the room door, he heard an unusual moan. He froze and asked the other two roommates with him if they had heard anything. They darted stares at each other, then at Peter, and shook their heads.

“Listen.” They all froze in silence and heard the moan of agony. They attempted to open the door. It was locked from the inside with the key still in the lock. Peter and his crew began to ram their bodies into the door. It took 5 minutes and they fell inside the room with the door. And lying with an empty bottle of bleach by his side; Jerry silently gasped for breath.

Peter yelled for help as his room mates dashed for the first aiders in the adjacent room to assist.


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