Blood is DENSER than Water!!

“I am at the gate!” Those were the most irritating words for Andrea to hear. It had been months of unplanned visitations from her relations. Yes, there is no doubt she loved them, she was just tired of the ‘village hospitality’. This wasn’t an office with an open door policy. Yes, she knew she is African, but this is a different dispensation. She had had a really long week, 22 hours of work for the past 6 straight weeks, it was Friday, she just wanted to lay on the couch and meditate in silence. She needed a break, not hosting people every five seconds.

Then her phone buzzed a couple of times, she turned it off without looking at the screen. Then her caretaker knocked at her front door, he had snitched to her aunt that she was in. Andrea had forgotten to tell him that she didn’t want guests that evening. So there she was completely worn out on the couch debating on how best to get rid of her aunt. As she thought it out, she lost track of time and just as she was about to reach over and turn down the stereo, she heard a knock on the door.

Andrea froze, worried that she was busted. She was not sure whether her aunt had seen her shadow move across the room. She froze where she was. “Andrea are you there? It is Aunt Truphena!” her voice spoke very cheerily. Andrea didn’t budge. Then her Aunt pulled open the curtains to peer through to see if anyone was home. Andrea exclaimed and hit the floor, and her head hard, on the edge of the couch on her way down. She quickly clasped her mouth with her hands. Tears streamed down her eyes one hand rubbed the wounded part of her head.

“Andrea! I see you!” her aunt giggled cheekily as she pulled the curtain and drape back. Andrea’s legs were in full view with her upper torso pushed in so tight under the couch; it looked like it consumed her. Andrea sighed and pulled herself out from under the couch, she emerged with something in her hand. “There it is! I was looking for this.” She let out a fake laugh to cover up her failed plot to hide.

“Oh! Aunty! I didn’t hear you there, waaaay under the couch looking for this.” She waved her pen limply as she continued to rub her head.

“Well?” Her Aunt asked, nodding towards the front door.

“Well what?” Andrea responded innocently. “Oh! OH! Goodness, sorry! The door!” she nodded almost a bit too much, very lackey-esque.

Andrea slowly walked toward her room; she knew the keys were under the cushion she had rested her head on, on the couch. “I will be right back! They should be in my bag.” She said gesturing toward the corridor. Her Aunt patiently nodded.

Either the woman was completely clueless or she just didn’t give a crap. She was going to visit her niece or die. A niece who didn’t even like her, Andrea wished desperately that she was living on the ground floor in a house without burglar grills; she would have escaped through the window. Andrea just needed a break. Aunt Truphena just couldn’t get the damn hint! And for crying out loud, use a damn phone and plan before you show up at the damn gate! Bloody African relatives!!!


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