Hypnotic Union

David just stood there, hands hanging limb on either side of his windy frame. He stared and said nothing completely no emotion on his face. People walked past him with the occasional shove from the angry or overzealous ‘hand’ talkers. He did nothing he just stood there, back hunched over, head hung, he said nothing.

His striped white and blue shirt was blown by the wind revealing his pristine white t-shirt with a few crimson drops around his chest. Not very noticeable unless you stared right at his chest, his belt buckle – huge silver- with rich tanned leather caressing his hips revealing a bit of his red and white polka dotted underwear. And his navy blue khakis kiss the concrete afer slithering over his beige safari boots.

It had been an hour; David had been staring intently at what seemed like nothing visible. One lady who was on her phone, bumped into him, as she quickly stuffed her phone in her bag passing him, something made her stop. She looked in the direction David stared in and she had no idea what he was looking at. She looked at David, then in the direction again, then at David, then down at his feet and noticed that his left shoelace was undone.

She tapped David on his shoulder and pointed at his shoes. David responded, he steadied his head downwards like a robot of some sort and then turned to look at her then turned his head to look at what he seemed to be looking at before he was interrupted.

David’s shoulders where so hunched his body from a distance looked like a candy cane. The lady shifted her position and stood infront of David and waved her hand in his face. She seemed to hope that she could shake the hypnosis off of him. David lifted his head and straightened his back and started to howl like a wolf. He startled the woman, she jumped up and screamed dropping everything and then she just froze.

A few minutes went by, crowds began to throng around the duo. David’s howling had now stopped; he was panting and sweating profusely. The lady stood still, completely startled and unable to move from her position. People began to shake the two others making wisecracks around them.

“What happened to these two?” some asked.

“They must have done something together, why are they both not moving from this position?”

Others started to pick pocket the two and pry open the grip of the lady’s hands from her handbag. As one thief did that, the lady began to groan detesting what was happening. She couldn’t fight them off. She shifted her eyes from side to side seeking help.

David let out an final earth shattering howl and the crowd dispersed in either direction. One gentleman, Earl who normally runs games of chess had been watching the whole thing unfold from across the street at his diminutive table. As the crowd cleared leaving behind a cloud of dust and the stench of bowels, Earl crossed the road to the frozen duo.

He walked round the two, stepped back and stared at them pensively. About two minutes later, he whispered into David’s ear then into the Lady’s and just like that, the two completely snapped out of the trance that they were in and went about there business, like nothing had happened.


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