It was pouring outside; a thunderstorm so loud, it sounded like it would rip through her flat. Sandy had been up for hours unable to sleep, listening to Boyz II Men’s, “Yesterday” on repeat. She wept in her pillow asking herself repeatedly why she was where she was. Why was she always the unlucky one?

It had been over two decades since she had bid her father farewell with a handful of soil at the grave. Today she had finally come to realize that Kenny would never come home either. Sandy had been in her apartment for a week having awoken from a 4 month coma from the gruesome accident. She had her right arm ripped off, it was a miracle that her legs were both fully functional and intact after being thrust at 100km/hr through the bus windscreen.

The bus Kenny and Sandy had been in was on its way from Mombasa when the driver swerved and rammed in to a trailer. Sandy was the only one who made it alive the other 59 passengers and the driver died on the spot. Sandy hated herself for being alive. She craved for Kenny’s love and comfort and now, she was there all alone, no one to talk to, confide in, no comfort. She hated the bus driver and the doctors for saving her life.

Sandy had no family; Kenny was the only family she had after her dad died. No one had wanted her except Kenny; they had been talking about getting married soon. Sandy looked at where her right hand once was, where she had adorned her diamond engagement ring and wrist tattooed with Kenny’s name.

Lightning struck and Sandy wept bitterly, her pillow was soaked and snot flowed. She lifted herself from her pillow and sat upright, shaking her head, memories of their life and love together flashed through her mind. How was she ever going to recover? Kenny’s mum had taken to caring for Sandy, she loved her like her very own daughter. But for Sandy it wasn’t the same, she wasn’t Kenny. No one could replace him.

Sandy was stunned and wept, Kenny’s mother could hear the weeping through the thin walls, she too couldn’t hold back her pain. How would these two overcome the odds? Would Sandy ever forgive herself? Would Kenny’s mum be strong enough for the both of them to get through this loss?

Sandy rolled out of bed, landed on the carpeted floor, using her left hand, pulled out her scrap book from the bedside cabinet. With a heavy sigh, she flipped through the memories.


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