Come Home to Me!

I had missed him, it had been so long since I had seen him, three months to be exact, he had gone to volunteer in some remote place whose name I couldn’t pronounce.

Lord! His skin smells so great, being in his arms once again…Ah! There is nothing like it I never want to be away from him ever again. I felt safe, warm and genuinely cared for.

There he goes again, there is this way that he lifts his chin and rests it on my head just before he plants a warm wet kiss on my forehead. “Yes! There it is!” I can’t stop chuckling, for some reason, that kiss physically tickled me. Hahaha! Damn I love this man. I don’t care that we are in a public place, his arms round my waist, my face buried in his vast chest. I am lost in his overwhelming warmth, may he never let go.

People milled by us, mummers from all directions, soon the voices were lost, gone, silenced. It was just the two of us, nothing else mattered. Jesse and I together in each others arms once again, inseparable, at least for the moment.

I sighed, he sighed, I sighed again, he sighed again prolonged, his chin gently resting on my head for a few seconds his chin lifted and then I felt the heat of his breath once again on my forehead. I shuddered. I smiled, he chuckled, it shuddered both our bodies. I chuckled and gently pulled away.

Jesse and I stood and stared in each others eyes, the world even stiller, I blushed and sheepishly bowed my head, he bent over me, enveloping me again. I felt the heat of this breath in my ear, it tickled, I laughed and shrugged my shoulders. Jesse continued to whisper nevertheless, chuckling and teasing. I didn’t want it to stop…I…I…I…think….I…Think….I think I love…we love…he loves…we are in….shhhhhh!

Jesse whispered in my ear once more, and the laughter turned in to tears, I was filled with fear and dread. I wanted those thoughts out of my mind. I needed to be with him, not now, why now? He just got here; we had only been in each others arms for a moment. A moment not long enough, we were plugged in the same position, a position I hoped we would stay in forever.

Jesse! Aaaah! He leaned in and I felt the warmth and suppleness of his lips on my cheek, he nibbled on my ear lobe. I shrugged my shoulders and he leaned in and kissed my neck. I pushed him away I didn’t want to be teased anymore. What was this? He started with a whisper of sweet nothings which gravitated to news of departure. I only had this one moment, in this one place, I had so much to say, but he was going to leave. I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I needed to remember his warmth, his caress, his…his…his…my…my illusion of who he really is.

Jesse peeled away, kissed me softly on my lips and just like that he was gone.


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