He was so warm, I was engulfed in his embrace, the heat from his cinnamon scented breath seduced me, his smile…his laugh that shook his body and reverberated through mine made me melt. His eyes gently gazing in to mine, I was lost in them, I heard a sound, he leaned in to my ear his breath kissing my ear, I chuckled, it tickled. Then he leaned in further and kissed my cheek, so soft. He took my right hand and raised it, my palm inside his. His left hand holding me in the crack of my back, I listened, but heard nothing. I felt him, I smelt him and he stole my sight. I was going nowhere that night.


The sun shone bright on my face, the warmth felt like his kiss the night before. I moaned in pleasure, wriggling seductively with my eyes closed. I knew he was near, I could feel the heat emanate from this god’s body. There was an unusual panting sound, I frowned, it got closer and I reached out to touch him seductively, he had fur all over him. I was startled and opened my eyes. What the? “Lucy! Wait Lucy? What is my dog doing here?” I heard the toilet flush and the sink turned on, water gushing from the tap. I sighed and covered myself and turned again. I heard the bathroom door open, steps toward the bed and a dip in the bed next to me and I felt the heat of his body against mine.


I awoke after another nap, the sun was now at its peak, it must have been noon. The bed felt wet. I felt wet and cold, but I was sweating as I shuddered, I didn’t understand why. The room was dark and cold. He wasn’t there anymore. He was gone? I tried to lift myself I felt heavier than normal. What happened? I opened my eyes and looked round; there was blood in the room. It was dripping from the ceiling, I touched my bed, and the sheets were soaked. I lifted myself and my mouth fell open. My sheets where cold and soaked in blood around my feet, like Jesus on the cross, at the height of the Roman empire, my feet were nailed on top of each other into the headboard of my bed. I passed out.


There was a bright light and I heard laughter, it was a bulb, I was in my room, I jolted, my feet were fine, I lifted them to my face and kissed them. I feel on my back and thanked God. I was in my pyjamas.

“How are you feeling now?” Mama’s big brown eyes warmly looking at me.

“Better…I guess? What day is it? What time is it?” She pushed me down gently to relax, more faces joined hers forming a circle above my head. And one by one they all kissed me and said, “Its great to have you back.” Back why? From where? Any why did Mum look so old had it been that long since I saw her?

Dad had today’s newspaper tucked under his arm as usual, I saw the date. “Is that today’s dad?”

“Sure, want to read it?” I nodded.

It read September 2014, every one froze and stared at me. Where was I? And why was it I could only remember the last date as March 23rd 2010? Then I heard a tannoy, “Dr. Sitati, room 143…”


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