Little Things

The bell rang the last time, Mbugua needed to dash to class before his math teacher walked in. But he couldn’t he needed to get his book from his best friend’s class next door, they had accidentally exchanged bags when they walked in to school. Mbugua only noticed just as the bell ending the ten o’clock break rang.

Hassan’s English teacher was already in class, there was no way he would get in. Not that he would be punished, but he just couldn’t stand having to walk all the way to the front of the class with 50 pair of eyes fixated on him. He wouldn’t even be able to utter a word. So what did Mbugua do? Since Hassan sat at the back of the class, he waved frantically through the window on the door to get his attention. That idea was cut short when Hassan’s teacher started pacing up and down the class. They were reading a book. Mbugua was out of luck.

As he waved frantically, the teacher on duty busted him in action. “What are you doing young man?” she demanded as she tugged at his earlobes. Mbugua screeched finally drawing attention to himself. Hassan looked up, he knew that sound, he quickly dashed to the door forgetting that he was in the middle of a lesson.

“Can you sit down Hassan! Where do you think you are going?” Hassan shrugged his shoulders and sat back down on his seat. He knew how that shriek was going to end.

“I said what were you doing at that door? Aren’t you meant to be in class? Who is your class teacher?” The teacher spit fired questions at a now defeated Mbugua. Before he could say anything another teacher passed by, it was his math teacher, she was late to class after all.

“He is one of mine, what now?” His math teacher inquired as if she was asking the price of fruit, completely disinterested but compelled to just to show a sense of care.

“He was peeping through a classroom door.” The teacher on duty stated matter of fact, hoping that her irritation would be matched by the math teacher.

She walked away shrugging her shoulders while calling out.

“What did you want from Hassan today Mbugua? You know you are old enough to be the principal here, why don’t you just go home to Mum, and I will see you in the evening. You can play with Hassan then.”

The teacher on duty was in shock, she looked at Mbugua again, there was something off, he was a midget and a mentally handicapped at that one. But the only way she noticed it was when the math teacher pointed it out. There was some resemblance between the two, and he did look like a fully grown man.


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