Sacrifice of Love

He was late again. Aggrey never kept time, it was as if he was allergic to keeping time. Wairimu had had it, and she was leaving, for how long was she going to entertain such tardiness,and worse off when it was meant to be lunch with her father. Aggrey was meant to set the right impression. Wairimu had pulled out some hair strands and was tired of apologizing to her smouldering father who didn’t really have anything else to do. But was very particular about keeping time.

It was 1.15pm, the man was only 15 minutes late, but Wairimu and Dad looked like it had been an hour. The volume on the TV in the lounge was increased. There was a breaking news ticker on the screen.

“Ten dead and four in critical condition following the collision of a matatu with a trailer on Mombasa road near Bellevue.” That caught their attention, Aggrey was headed to the CBD from Bellevue at the said time of the acciedent and it was a few minutes after the time of the suspected accident that, “The mobile subscriber could not be reached”

“relax, let’ get all the facts first, it’s not be too hasty.” Wairimu’s dad pointed out. As the reporter sensationalized the tragedy as they all do, the roving camera revealed something interesting. One of the people assisting the traumatized victims of the accident was Aggrey. He was wearing his red Red Cross reflector jacket with latex gloves on. Wairimu was relieved; her Dad patted her back and gave her an encouraging smile.

For 15 minutes they watched Aggrey and other first aiders and paramedics assist the victims into ambulances and off the scene. Then Aggrey disappeared from the scene. Two minutes later, Wairimu’s phone rang. It was a private number. Wairimu answered the phone, it was Aggrey.

“Are you OK?”

“I am fine, not to worry, I swear I would have been on time, I just couldn’t leave people here like this. You know me right.”

“ I am proud of you love. Take all the time you need.” Just as Wairimu completed her statement, she heard a scuffle in the background on Aggrey’s end. “Babe! What’s going on?”

Before he could answer there was a loud explosion the TV showed a thick plume of smoke emerging from the site of the accident and Aggrey’s phone went dead. Wairimu broke down as her father consoled her watching the TV screen. The ticker at the bottom of the screen read, “Road Accident was a ploy to draw in crowds for a mass terrorist attack. Al Qaeda claim responsibility.”

Wairimu’s phone fell out of her hand as she collapsed into her father arms wailing like a wounded animal.


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