Pain of Recovery

Usher was playing in the background pleading.

“What’s a man to do when he’s loving too….” But he was drowned out my the steady stream of the hot steamy shower flowing down Kanini’s chocolate body in the shower. She didn’t have a shower cap on, she let her hair get wet and felt the water flow through her hair kissing her scalp and stream down her neck , her cheeks and her back, brushing against where her breasts once were. Her hands fell limb on either side of her body.

Kanini had submitted to the water, her chin was raised, eyes closed, calm, breathing steadily enjoying every moment of it. She arched her back and let the water spray her. She had been in the shower for half an hour, water streaming down her body and sucked in through the drain. Kanini periodically sighed.

When she turned off the tap, reaching for her towel on the hook on the shower door, she emerged, feet making small puddles on the floor till her room. She sat on her bed wrapped in her huge yellow towel. Palms pressed against the bed, feet dangling over the edge of the colossal bed. She looked down at the floor pensively. Then thrusted herself on to the bed as she peeled off the duvet, tossed some pillows and with her wet hair rested her head on the huge fluffy pillow by the head board.

Kanini stared at the cream bedroom walls and didn’t utter a sound, she felt a heaviness in her heart. The silence was disrupted by the sound of an electric pump. It was 10pm, when her water pump went on to pump in more water in to the house. She sighed and turned her head, to face her huge polar bear teddy bear; Oscar. She looked in to his eyes smiled weakly and leapt onto Oscar, holding him very tight, muttering something. Kanini sighed and then sat upright, peeled off the yellow towel and stared and caressed the healed scars on her chest, she mourned her breasts. From double D to the nothing, the scalpel had taken away what she not only valued but felt defined who she was as a woman. She heard a knock on the door. She didn’t budge. She heard the front door unlock and open she didn’t budge.

“How are you faring on today?” Osborne, Kanini’s boyfriend asked as he leaned in to kiss her. Kanini said nothing, she sighed and stretched out her arms, her towel fell and for the first time since the surgery, Osborne saw the scaring. He was shocked but hid it. He lifted the towel and wrapped Kanini in it.

“I love you no matter what. You are just, if not even more beautiful than before. It will take time. But you will make made it this far right?” Osborne encouraged her. For the first time in days, Kanini smiled and kissed Osborne. Osborne carried her in his arms and lay her on their bed. He lay right next to her. No one said a word. They lay still absorbing the moment, they were close, it was a miracle they were able to be together on this side of the time spectrum.


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