Being a Samaritan is Overrated

“Hi there! Glad you let me sit here.” Cheptoo smiled, she had this look of great relief on her face when she saw me.

“Man, what a day huh?” She continued, I just started,  had been rained on after such a long day I needed something warm to drink, I was the idiot who nodded when she asked if it was ok for her to join me. She just wasn’t shutting up.

“I am so glad I missed the rain, this hair, you want to touch it, I spent so much money on it, I couldn’t let it get wet.” Again, she volunteered my hand for me to stroke the poor horse’s inheritance. There were so many lulls of silence I began to feel sorry for her. She just seemed lonely and in need to talk to someone.  I said someone, not Hassan.

I sipped on my steaming hot cup of rich ginger tea. The steam warmed my face with every sip and rich ginger had a nice warm burning sensation that I just loved. Man! Aaaah! There is nothing like it. Oh! Lord here we go, here we go.

“Why? Why me?” Cheptoo burst into tears, I normally would be empathetic, but I just wanted to be left alone. I honestly wanted warmth and silence, I would have been home now in my pajamas enjoying a hot meal but the early rains pounding the city left me stuck at a table with a now sobbing parrot.

I was really toying with the idea of dashing to the counter paying my bill and leaving her there. My conscience won the battle I stayed.

“Are you OK? What’s wrong?” I really tried to sound as genuine as I could, but I was rolling my eyes inside thinking attention seeker.

“No, I am fine! You don’t worry about me, I am a total stranger my problems have nothing to do with you.” She blew her nose and fanned me away. I almost jumped or joy and walked away, but again my conscience yelled at me.

“Are you sure you are OK? Is there anything I can do to help?” She nodded her head in agreement, good Lord why did I do this? I waved in the air to get the waiter’s attention and what do you know she happily ordered a slice of the most expensive cake an ordered a double mocha. She had no idea who I was or how much money I even had in my pocket.

“Thank God I went to the ATM before I got here” was all I could think. Her order appeared, the sobbing ended and she ate like nothing had happened before.


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