Phantom Abusers

The sun’s bright and warm rays shone through the room, piercing through the thin curtains stinging Ella’s face. Her ears awoke first now listening to the birds chirping their morning tune and the moan of the fridge from the kitchen. She turned around and groaned, her face was raw, black and blue and her arm was broken, it was swollen and she was beginning to feel numb from the pain.

Ella tried to shift her weight to sit upright; she felt this surging pain from her toes through her spine to the top of her head. She screamed. Now she couldn’t feel her legs. She wriggled her toes, in her mind they were moving but they weren’t. She began to pant looking around for any kind of assistance. She lived alone there was no one to help her. She sat on her bedroom floor she fell back on her side and could feel her legs again she squirmed to the other side of the room where she saw her cellphone on the ground.

She dialed a number.

“Harry! Please come and get me. I can’t walk. I can’t walk…” She began to weep as she dropped the phone to the ground. Her mouth making ‘O’ shapes as she wept and tears streamed down her face, she couldn’t recall what befell her to cause her so much physical pain.

The front door slammed open startling Ella, snot and saliva was oozing out of her. She was writhing in excruciating pain. It was so much she opened her mouth and no sound came out, but her face told it all. Harry rushed in and dashed to her side, paramedics not too far behind with a stretcher. They whisked a moaning Ella on to a stretcher; she had lost a lot of blood and had stab wounds on her back.

The ambulance siren roared through the streets to the hospital where Ella arrived unconscious. Harry was panicked, he didn’t know who to call, Ella’s mmediate family was dead and she wasn’t close to any of her extended family. Harry was all she had. What had happened to her? Ella had had suicidal episodes, but this couldn’t have been self inflicted. Someone must have caused this, but whom? Ella had said she had broken up with Drew. And the last he had checked Drew had moved out of town. There was something that wasn’t adding up.

Harry saw doctors running into Ella’s room and heard yelling and the sound of the defibrillator igniting and thumping. This happened three times and then the doctor rapped instructions. He pulled the curtain aside just enough for Harry to see the faint pulse of Ella’s beat. What just happened? What had caused this? Harry had been with Ella just a day before and she was fine. What really went wrong?


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