Verbal Diarrhoea

Anthony cupped his mouth to prevent the stench from seeping out of his mouth. He was thoroughly embarrassed. He looked around him, hoping that no one had smelled his breath when he yawned. He was stunned by how bad it smelt. Normally he had such impeccably fresh breath. But today after several scrubs and rinses with antiseptic mouthwash, his breath was a roaring angel of death.

Kerubo passed by his desk in class and cheerfully greeted him, Anthony simply nodded and held his lips together.Kerubo was about to say something to match the quizzical look on her face in response to Anthony’s unusual demeanour. But the teacher’s walk in to class stopped her. Anthony sighed in relief, and through his nostrils the stench emerged.

“What the…?”

“Who did that?”

“Gross! Was that a fart?” Who the…”

Mrs. Maleche gave “the look” and the exclamations ceased, well, for a little while. Anthony wanted to sink in his chair. There was no escape, he was the one in charge of making his group presentation and they were first. And if he declined, the group would be failed and that was that. No one wanted to sit through a second semester of Geography next year, he needed to do this.

“Anthony!” Mrs. Maleche barked. He jolted and the class laughed, she signaled him to the front. He stood and inched forward, he prayed inside that the stench wouldn’t be as bad as he thought.

“Proceed!” Mrs. Maleche demanded his immediate engagement of the class. Anthony closed his eyes and as he opened his mouth, the air rushing in to his mouth caused such a sharp pain, he fell to his knees clasping the right side of his face. His tooth was killing him. The stench of his breath was now saturating the classroom. But that tooth of his was going to kill him if it wasn’t removed.



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