Incredible Do-Over

Barbara patted her weave and shook her new found hair infront of the mirror with such pride. She imagined that she was a fair skinned brunet walking on a red carpet in a glamourous dinner gown.

Bang! Bang! Bang! “What are you doing in there? It’s been an hour?” Frank yelled from the corridor.

“Leave me alone! Can’t I have some peace in this house?”

“Get out; I need to get ready for school as well!” Frank stated in utter irritation. His sister had been in the bathroom for the past 45 minutes and he only had 20 minutes left to get ready, have breakfast and head to school. Barbara had been up all night staring at her purchase. For the first time in her life, her self perceived, “bad” kinky, afro curly hair was now flowing and fair. She was in love.

Barbara had her blue contacts on, slapped on some crimson L’Oreal red lipstick and caked her mocha skin with foundations, for black skin, two shades lighter. She looked like the ghost of Christmas past. As she opened the bathroom door to let Anthony in, the full view of her startled him, he almost dropped his towel rested on his narrow shoulders.

“Don’t say a word!”

“Ok! Geisha!” Anthony chuckled and aptly shrieked after Barbara wet-towel whipped his back on her way out. She knew he would respond the way he did. What would he know? He was just a man. And as a woman Barbara needed to look good. She had always been miss popularity. The duo were alone in their family house following the death of their parents, two years earlier, while on a humanitarian mission in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

After that Barbara went on an unusual tangent seeking some form of new image as if to do away with the old. The new was tormented and at times, “demented”according to Anthony. Barbara wasn’t able to talk about her parents and was constantly trying catastrophic looks to see if that would make her feel better. It never did.

Initially Barbara went on a drinking spree, months later she was involved in any plausible sport in school. After a semester, she tired and moved on to weird beauty and diet treatments. And now she was trying, quite literally, “striking beauty” regimens. She was on the, “scary witch with low selfesteem” phase. She adorned cakes and cakes of ill applied make up and proudly wore it publicly.

Anthony had taken to caring less about what people thought of her and let his sister go through the phase. His only hope was that she wouldn’t end up as the documented clown on social media.



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