The phone rang. Gloria picked it up and what do you know? It was Vincent. You see Vincent was a sly man; he was a businessman on a hunt for someone who was good at what they did, and milk them dry. He had an illusion that Gloria would work for him, but she was very categorical about it.

“I am only interested in renderin’ you my services as a consultant nothing else,“ she said. But Vincent thought that this young woman was an easy push. It had been phone call after phone call, one after the next, “Hi Gloria, I was wondering, if we were to work on a strategy with you on board what would the event entail?”

Gloria knew he thought she was an idiot, a man running a company began to read her politeness as weakness and naivety. He wanted a communication strategy drafted for him, and he didn’t want to pay her for it. Like she was stupid! You see, being an entrepreneur in these mean streets of Nairobi is both exhausting and painstaking business. Everyone wants to make a buck out of the other, but at no cost.

Contracts are signed but end up being a legal dispute because someone failed to honor, more often the person who sought the services. And you know what the disgusting thing about it is? The arrogance of the debtor! Gloria has spent the past few weeks taking a real deep look into her life and her modus operandi and realised that she was breaking her back for very ungrateful and manipulative people.

She would research, compile, draft concepts with due diligence, send and present to clients and what would she get in return? Silence, phonecalls not answered, no email responses. The race of the individual didn’t matter; they all seemed to be out to deny her money. They were swift in their demands but utterly sluggish in meeting her demands. Gloria had had enough and was out to show people who the boss was.

She sent her first communication to a magazine she contributed to, she was very professional in her request for payment and the relinquishment of her services, which had already expired following the contract and her services fully rendered. What she was met with, was a tone of condescention, an implication of her greed. The coin was completey flipped on her, yet this was the first serious push she had given after a three month wait of payment.

Gloria was completely and utterly fedup, being professional, sober and rational seemed absolutely foreign. She was not interested in employment, it was the concrete cotton field only and her slave uniform was a suit. There was no appreciation, what companies needed was talented drones with a lot of House Negro ass kissing. Where was it in this city that she would be treated with diginity? Yes demand it, show it to others, but with no reciprocation, Gloria began to wonder what really had become of not only her livelihood but her once promising city in the sun.


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