Loyalty to Self

They were both wet and drenched rolling around on the mat, it was over. Their sight was blurred, they panted heavily, Andrew was on top, pinning Billy to the mat. Billy had this pleading in his eyes, Andrew was stern and shook his head, it was over; he got what he wanted.

“Eight! Nine! Ten!” The referee counted, Billy let go and thrust his head on the mat, it was over! Andrew stood up arms raised in victory, with the referee’s assistance to show the world who was the Champion! The crowd went wild, Billy crawled to his corner of the ring, face forlorn, ignoring all the flashing cameras in his face. He was lost in time.

Just five years ago, Billy and Andrew were the newbies, no one had heard of them or where they were from, Bureti! Where in the world was Bureti. They weren’t black folk, some thought, so there was no way that they had come from Africa. So where was this Boo-ree-tie? The duo didn’t bother much with other people’s opinion of them, so their lives did go on as usual. They got a local gym affiliate to the wrestling federation and they spent the next two years training.

These two wanted to be the next “Bush Wackers”, with their own flair. They had idolized “The Hulk”, Bret Hart, The British Bull Dog, Gold Dust; they had watched all the WWF matches and tournaments that they could get their hands on. They had one day hoped to take “The Undertaker” head on. But it was way past their time, most of that lot had either died or retired.

At the beginning of the third year they signed up for a junior tournament in the wrestling league to give it a shot. They first tried as solo acts; the names they chose were catastrophic, ‘He’ and ‘Man’, no wondering where those names came from. So there they were Billy went in first as ‘He’, he didn’t last more than 5 minutes. Andrew wasn’t the “Man” either, he lasted a total 7 minutes and 30 seconds and they were counted out. From them on, they chose to train as a tag team. And for the next two years success was their new name, tournament after tournament, trophy after trophy the duo walked away victorious. The big leagues came calling and soon they were walking in the arena where the kingpins of wrestling where. They had finally made it. But there was a catch, just as they started in the minor league, so had they to start in the major leagues, as solo acts. Andrew became, “Drew the Screw” and Billy, unshockingly became “Billy the Kid”.

What they failed to realize was that only one of them had a chance in, they trained for the next two weeks, first together and then separately after much compulsion from the Wrestling Federation. On the night of the match as they spoke in the locker room wondering who their opponent was. The big reveal was made; they were to fight each other for the right to enter the big leagues. Whoever lost would get a second chance, but to fight it out with another newbie in a month’s time.

The two were stunned, they both wanted to join the big leagues desperately. The initial agreement was that they would draw, but that changed when they both walked into that ring and heard the crowds chant their names. They didn’t just want it anymore they both needed it!


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