Brushing Away Trouble

Panic and pandemonium, as always Jane had taken so much more than she could handle. And she constantly found herself in the same mess, doing so much and getting money from very little of her endless efforts.

There was a knock on the door it was the fifth, it was the landlord; she was screwed, just months before they threatened to auction her. She had to haggle to get money from her siblings. “Why don’t you just get a job Jane? Like the rest of us?” Jane always prepared herself from the perpetual lectures. It had been a year since she quit her job. She couldn’t stand office administration any more, it was 2014, and no one wanted an assistant who had a diploma in secretarial studies. Jane had taken this job back in the 90’s when it was respectable. And because her mum convinced her it was the most lucrative and promising.

Not quite, getting a job was hard enough and when she got it, the pay was peanuts, mind numbing; droning. It wasn’t fun at all. The first three months after Jane quit she started some academic writing online, a part of her found it unethical doing other people’s homework. But she also saw it as a win-win; it was like going to school only that she got paid for it. She got to study a lot and vicariously get the degree she always wanted.

The academic writing soon bored her and she needed something to do. So she shifted to writing SEO articles. She was able to comfortably get a lot of work done but the most she made in the month was 500 dollars, it was a lot of work, but for some reason the pay was pathetic. She wasn’t comfortable with more advanced writing, so she opted to offer typing services to campus students in her neighbourhood.

And eventually opened a cyber café which was down and out in three months flat, business wasn’t really what she was cut out for, or so she believed. But here she was still trying to stick to what she knew, pushing paper for people. Jane was an artist; the potential of Picasso and Da Vinci, but she was afraid of getting started.

“Who would buy it anyway? Who cares for art? You know black folk and art!” She was replaying all the vitriol and dismissal from her family that caused her hurt over the years. But now she had a landlord banging on the door needing two months worth of rent. What was she going to do? She had sold her fridge, TV and what was left was her cheap DVD player. She had to do something fast or spend time job hunting with her outdated certificates.


Jane went to the door and gave the landlord a deal he could not refuse. “I will bring them over!”It was a Sunday afternoon. 30 minutes later the Landlord came back cleaned up with his polished family. Jane ushered them in, made small talk to help them relax and whipped out her canvas, oil paints and began to paint.

This family portrait was sure to keep the man off her back for a few months.


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