Milya walked to his bosses office at 7.45am and asked for his annual leave.


“I want to go on leave.”

“You’ve only been here a month. You are not entitled to leave.”

Milya shrugged his shoulders and headed for the door.
“Wait Milya! Where do you think you are going? This conversation isn’t over.”

“I thought it was after you said no.”

“What is your reason for asking for leave? Or do you mean you need some days off?”

“Semantics” Milya interrupted very curtly. He shrugged his shoulders again and then walked to the kitchen to serve himself a cup of tea. His boss closed his eyes shook his head and slumped back into his comfy leather seat and went back to work.

The office chatter began to build as time inched toward 9am, staff shifting past the boss’ office to the kitchen. Aaron could hear the gate swinging open and closed; he assumed that Milya was still at his work station at the gate.

When it got to 2pm as the 3pm shift was streaming in there was a hitch, there was chaos outside, Aaron looked out of his air conditioned office and saw his colleagues fist fighting. Cars were parked all wrong, the gate had rear ended two cars because overzealous swinging and no one willing to hold the gate long enough for the other.

“Where in the world is Milya?” Aaron was wondering where the day guard had gone. The day came and went there was no sign of Milya anywhere. Aaron went back to work ignoring his employees till night fall when he usually left the office.

The next morning when he returned there was an unusual smell; fresh dung all over the gravel. Aaron rolled down his window he couldn’t believe his eyes. There were cows everywhere. Dung filled the air; a whistle and a cracking of a whip was heard. The herd moved to make way for something, no someone, it was Milya.

“Habari ya asubuhi!” Milya was really chummy in the morning. Aaron looked at him in utter dismay. Now he knew why Milya was sulky yesterday, he needed his cows. At that moment Aaron knew that this would be a very long discussion and another day of chaos.


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