Every morning Rosa looked in a mirror it cracked immediately. Rosa had never seen her full image in the mirror. Even walking past reflective surfaces would result in scratches appearing from nowhere scratching out her reflection.

When Rosa was just a wee little baby a kind witch cast a spell on the child. She was the most beautiful child the earth had seen at that time. It was believed that, when the time came, Rosa’s beauty would bring glory to the kingdom. But it was also believed that a wickedness would come upon her if she grew up constantly being reminded of her beauty. And with that, to protect her purpose, Rosa was never allowed to leave her grandmother’s mansion. She was only allowed to see the gardens and play as the sun was setting only allowing her 2 hours a day to play.

Rosa had made several attempts to escape from the torment. But to no avail. It was days to Rosa’s 25th birthday when the witch would lift the curse and her preparation for her crowning would commence for a five year period.

Rosa was ecstatic, it was finally here, she would now be allowed to wear whatever she pleased and could stay out all day if she wanted. She was allowed to try anything she liked on one condition; that she would not talk to anyone outside her staff and the royal family. She happily obliged. It was a step up from two hours a day outside and locked up in her room for the remaining 22 hours.

Weeks turned into months and months into years soon it was three days before Rosa turned 30. She had explored new skills, from sewing, to baking, to portraiture, but there was a constant yearning she had. It was a yearning she once had long time ago when she was younger, her mother once dismissed it as trickery from the evil witch. But now that the spell was to be lifted, she didn’t consider it something evil, she was now old enough and strong enough to handle it.

The feeling was more persistent now; she found it became a lot more intense during the painting and poetry sessions with Kan, the bakers son. She didn’t quite understand why she would giggle so much and sweat so much around him.

“Must be the flu” she thought to herself the first few weeks. She even had a doctor brought in to test her, but alas! She was as fit as a fiddle. She noticed that when she giggled, Kan too, would get uncontrollably excited. More than when Hannah or Joseph would attend his session. Rosa thought that maybe it was because her siblings were younger.

On coronation morning, Rosa received an unusual disturbance. It was pretty early, but Rosa wasn’t one to bother, she would finally be free of her curse. She walked to the door to open it, and right at the door was a wooden carved music box with her name engraved on it. She opened it and a slither of an usual flowery scent emerged. Rosa collapsed at her door.


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