Why bother?

Manicured finger nails drummed on the restaurant table, a heavy sigh expelled hot breath slightly misting the glass half filled with champagne. Marion sipped her drink and stared toward the door. She was upset, her eyes were focused and glassy, she looked like she was going to cry. Her brow furrowed in the middle, she sighed again and took another sip of her drink.

Marion began to look around the restaurant with a desperate look on her face, her drumming got louder; people on adjacent tables began to stare. She steadily slowed down her drumming to a complete stop. Marion placed her palm on the table and looked at the empty chair across from her. The sun had now set and she had seen tables clear within the past two hours. Why did she even bother? Marion had been on a ‘get a loser streak’ the past few months.

When she met them they all seemed like very decent chaps, who would pay the bill and do all the gentlemanly things she expected of a decent man. But something would happen, when it reached a graduation point from coffees to dinner the same thing would happen repeatedly, she would be stood up.

Marion had hoped that things would be different this time. But they weren’t, just because his name was Burt and he wasn’t from around didn’t mean that he would act differently. Marion concluded that she was the problem. She wrapped up her bottle of champagne and called her cab guy to pick her up. It was all over for the night. It was 8pm, cold and gloomy outside and she hated herself.

Marion stood up from the table almost falling over it causing a bit of a stir in the restaurant. She managed to wobble her way to the exit and just as she was about to walk to her cab guy parked at the entrance, she saw her date; Burt, walking arm in arm with another woman!
“AAAAAAAAA!!!” Marion screamed drawing attention to herself.

“YYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUU!!!! ASSSSSSSSSS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIPE!” Burt ignored her. She wobbled toward him but didn’t make it; she fell to the ground face first right in front of him. He walked over her with his date and straight into the restaurant. Marion was peeled off the cobbled road by her cab guy completely passed out.


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