Welcome to the Fold

Eric peeled himself from his bed. He had snoozed his alarm 4 times in the last hour, he needed to get up now or he would be late to work. He kicked off his bedding and groaned like a wounded animal and dragged himself out of bed. Eyes closed in his boxers he headed straight for the shower, he turned on the heat and stood there feeling great. He lathered up and just as he was rinsing off the shower ran dry. Half of his hair and face was soapy with soap suds streaming all over the left side of his body.

Eric screamed and went to the kitchen, the taps were dry too. He yelled out for his roommate. No answer from Jeff. Eric grabbed his towel and wiped off the soap and headed straight to his room to get dressed. The bedroom window was open and so was the curtain, his neighbours had seen him in all his glory. He quickly tugged at the curtains and drew them shut. He opened his drawer to get fresh undies, they were all gone. Eric stood there in front of the chest of drawers baffled. Where could an entire draw full of undies go?

Eric opened his wardrobe to get his shirt and tie. But alas, nothing, empty hangers and a mirror he looked into. Part of his hair was white from the drying shampoo that was in his hair. Eric couldn’t believe his luck. He had nothing to wear, save for a single pair of black socks neatly laid on his bed. It was very curious.

Eric just sat on his bed wondering what happened. He looked at his watch; it was getting close to office reporting time. He opened his wardrobe one more time hoping that his clothes would have magically returned… nothing. He heard a knock on his bedroom window. He inched to the window and drew the curtain slightly so that only his face could be seen. A brick flung through the window glass crashing to the ground.

“Jeff? What the hell man?” Jeff grinned

“You don’t know what day it is Eric?”

“It’s Wednesday man! And I need to go to work!” Eric was exasperated.

“What work?” Jeff chuckled.

Another brick went through the window. The brick had a note on it! “Welcome to the brotherhood Eric!” the note read!

Eric shook his head! He had completely forgotten. A month had passed in his first year at the frat house; he had been informed of mild initiation ceremonies. He just didn’t know it took so long to for them to be done. Eric was late for his work study program in the school library. But he had no clue that this morning was just the beginning.


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