It’s a Miracle!

Andy’s skin had been itching for days. It was so bad he was now bleeding from where he had scratched. He was fidgety in bed, his hands had been tied with khangas to the bed post to prevent himself from causing anymore damage.

His grandaunt had been called to apply some traditional herbs to ease the pain. Needless to say the medication had not worked three days later and every time a drop from one of those boiled leaves landed on his body he screamed. It got worse, the last time his grandaunt tried, he passed out from the pain. His body didn’t seem to be getting any better.

Andy’s mum was really getting concerned. Andy’s sister was locked in her room after days of insisting on calling a doctor. Well that wasn’t how Dina found herself in a domestic solitary confinement. She had pretended that she was going to check in on a friend because she felt that she couldn’t handle seeing her brother that way. Her mother didn’t mind, she understood.

“After all, you have never been strong like our bloodline. You took the weakness from your father. Andy will heal.” That was the last thing Dina’s Mum told her. Something in their mum has snapped after Andy’s body reacted so violently to a traditional initiation drink. They had never seen it react that violently with anyone before. Andy’s body looked like a gremlin that had been doused with water. His skin just frothed. It was scary. So Dina’s shock to the scenario wasn’t really weakness any normal person would have reacted violently in shock.

So off went Dina ‘next door’ she had spoken to a friend to get a doctor to rescue her brother from this traditional herbal madness. Andy was in agony and seemed to be deteriorating from this unusual skin disorder. So when Dina was found out, she was quickly shipped back to the house and locked up in her room.

About two days later Dina was awoken from her in and out again prayer slumber, by her mother’s distinct chanting. This time no one else joined her. The other voices wailed and called out to the ancestors. Dina looked at her phone it was 4am. What in the world was it. She banged on the door!

“Aaaaannnnddyyyyyy! Answer me! Aaaaaaannnnnddyyyyyyy!” Silence.

Mum opened the door snot filling her face with good luck charms in her right hand. As the door opened further, Dina saw her brother standing behind her mother. It was a miracle! Andy was alive and well, normal. What happened?


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