Group of Death

The crowd went wild! He scored the winning try! It was all over! They were the undisputed league champions! Solomon was in tears, he couldn’t believe he had done it. He pumped his fists in the air, head down tears streaming down his face. His team mates lifted him shoulder high!

Chanting; “SO-LO! SO-LO! SO-LO!”

His tears still streaming down his face up in the air; his dreams of leading his team to lift the trophy came true; this had been his best season ever! The mammoth crowd was going wild in celebration. Whistles, cheering, scarves and shirts waving in the air; Solomon made his team the undisputed champions with a 54 to 10 victory. The team ran several laps of honour before they placed him down just in time for the closing ceremony.

Just as Solo lifted the trophy with the air filled with glitter, a piercing sound rent in the air and the cheers turned to gasps and wailing. The solid silver trophy fell to the ground covered with blood oozing out of Solomon. He had been shot! His team mates fell to the ground to check on him, he was gone, It was a bullet straight through his skull. The hero was now a legend thanks to a bullet.

The paramedics showed up and lifted him on to a stretcher lifeless. Another shot rent through the air and a stampeded ensued. The paramedics zoomed out of the stadium with throngs of people fighting to exit. Another shot then another, soon it was a hail of gun shots. The Rugby officials were all lying lifeless on the ground. The teams ran to the changing rooms and sat silently staring at each other.

The opposing team stood and stared concerned and worried in the eyes of the winners. There was a tense silence in the room. Then they heard a team of boots against the concrete. People were coming. They ran to the shower area trying to strategize on how to get out of the changing rooms. As the opposing team captain spoke, a gunshot rent the air and down he fell to the ground. There was panic and the rest ran to exit, and just like that the gun men opened fire and killed both teams. They stopped when their gun nozzles smoked. The gunmen walked away no word no explanation; they had done what they had come to do. It was finished.


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