No Escape!

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! The tempo steadily built up, the wipers worked faster, Swish! Swish! Swish! The rain was merciless, visibility was close to nil; Clarence could barely see. The radio dial was busted. He was stuck on a boring radio station. He looked at his fuel gauge; the evening couldn’t get any worse. He was beyond empty, if he did not find a petrol station in the next 20 minutes he would be stuck on the dark highway as bait for bandits.

A trailer had been swerving behind him, the truck’s lights so bright, it blinded Clarence. Just as Clarence lifted his eyes from the fuel gauge he noticed the headlights inching closer to him. He heard the blaring trailer horn and he quickly pulled over to the side as it blasted its horn speeding past him. Clarence wasn’t about to have a similar accident to last year’s. The car had turned off, he slammed his head against the steering wheel.
“Please let it not be – please work- please!” Clarence muttered trying to turn the key in the ignition.

The car coughed and reluctantly started. Clarence quickly pulled on to the flooded highway and was off to the nearest petrol station that he could find. The rain had subsided, but the road was completely submerged with sections literally carrying cars off to oncoming traffic. Clarence managed to manouever his was back to the right lane. Exactly 20 minutes from the last stop, Clarence found a dingy looking petrol station with a half working Neon sign. The only side of the sign that was legible read “…ell”.
Clarence pulled up to the pump, a windy, smelly and partly soaked attendant in a tattered cardigan walked to his window.
Clarence cracked the window slightly and puckered his lips and spoke through the little space.

“Mia tano!”
The man dialed the pump’s screen indicating the 500 shillings worth of fuel Clarence needed. That was all the money Clarence had left. He had no idea where he was going or how to get away from the carnage that was left now over 100km away. The attendant hit the top of the beat up saloon car. Clarence jolted in shock when he saw the attendants unpleasant countenance smeared all over his window. Clarence pulls out the only money left in his wallet and gives it to the attendant. His yellow smile emits a stench similar to flatulence from an individual suffering from a bout of acute diarrhea.

Clarence thanks the attendant amidst coughs and reeling down the window further for fresh air. As he drives down the highway to his unknown destination, something rams into him He spins twice and the car coughs and dies in the middle of the road. He doesn’t see what hits him, but he is numb on one side of his body. He lifts his bleeding brow to make sense of what happened and he is blinded by a bright light. And just like that Clarence is sent spilling out of the windscreen on to the flooded road.


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