Gooey Humour

There was uncontrollable laughter piercing through the walls of Brian’s apartment. It was midnight and Eddy had just been dropped by friends. Eddy had pissed on himself as usual and could barely see straight. He had been on his “one last one for the road” for the past four hours. The doofers who drove him home weren’t even sober enough to say their names. Eddy had just graduated and did what he knew how to do best.

Brian wasn’t up to joining the crew and getting ‘plastered’ in the name of celebration. Eddy was so messed up he smacked his head on the door while trying to find his keys in his jeans pockets. He fell to the ground and passed out. Brian had been laughing like a hyena since he walked into the house for hours earlier.

His neighbours initially dismissed it, they assumed he was maybe watching standup comedy as always. He was a huge fan and always tried creating his own sketches that he would try out on his neighbours. But after two hours elapsed Elsa from next door got concerned and knocked the door to check in on Brian. He didn’t answer, she peeped in through the living room window next to the door. Brian seemed to be having a conversation with someone who kept cracking him up with jokes. She thought maybe Eddy was home. But it still didn’t add up. She banged the door and the laughter stopped. She heard a rushed clearing with things falling to the floor. A throat cleared and Brian walked to the door.

Because of the laughter, Brian now had red eyes from all the joyful tears and liquid snot oozing down his nostril to his moustache.
“Hey Elsa!” Brian was very chummy, quite unlike him at that hour of day.
“He-hey Brian! Is everything ok? It’s been…” Brian cut her short.
“I am super – graduated today! WooT! Wooot!” Brian raises his arms in the air pumping enthusiastically and bursts into uncontrollable laughter holding his tummy. Elsa joined in his laughter and walked away holding her own tummy completely tickled by the whole scenario. She waved him off and went back to her apartment. Brian went back into his apartment. The laughter was in excess and he began to gag. He threw up and then passed out.

Brian came too around midnight after close to a five hour nap. He began to laugh hysterically. His face seemed to show agony from the laughter. He held his throat trying to prevent the laughter from emerging, but he couldn’t suppress it. He heard Eddy collapse at the front door. He quickly opened the door and dragged his drunk buddy in. His laughter now seeming more mechanical; but at the same time as if he was in no control of it.

When Eddy lay on the ground, Brian bent over and hunched over him and something emerged from his mouth, a mucous layered creature, an usual grey with veins running through its mass. As Brian clasped his throat in shock and gagging from his observation, he passed out. The creature crawled in through Eddy’s ear and he awoke still drunk, sleepy and laughing hysterically.


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