Nigerian movies don’t come close to this!

It was 10pm; Henry was so exhausted after a long day of work. The news theme song was fading out when he turned off the TV. It was time to get more work done. He grabbed himself a hot cup of coffee and some cookies, set himself up and began to wrap up some of his office reports. It was going to be a long night; he also had a term paper to wrap up. Being an adult student stank on evenings like this.

It was at 11pm when Henry went to the kitchen to grab himself another cup of coffee. The neighbour’s cat was purring outside, on his kitchen window ledge as always. He ignored it, turned off the kitchen lights and resumed his work on the couch. Fifteen minutes later he heard the sound of something heavy fall like a cooking pot in the Kitchen.

‘Weird?’ Henry thought. He ignored it and went about his business. Then there was a domino effect of plates falling and breaking. “OoooK? What in the world? Did the cat get in?’ He thought to himself. As he stood to head to the kitchen he dropped his mug in shock. He could see feet heading toward him without any form. He backed up on the couch and climbed on it. Eyes closed and praying away this pepo.

He was shaking on his chair, he knew screaming would be unmanly. So he pressed his lips together eventually biting his lips to prevent from screaming. He felt a tap on his shoulder and hot breath in his face. He began to shake it off of him; he was flinging his body all over the place. “Henry.” The thing called out. Henry let one rip and the voice coughed and remarked, “You still fart like you ate rotten eggs.”

“Jeff? Is that? How could it – wha- what?” Henry was confused; it was his brother’s voice alright. He had not come home that evening but it wasn’t a shock. He would occasionally hang out with friends after school and crash at one of their houses. But now this voice in a vacuum; what was going on?

“The boys thought it would be a joke.” Jeff spoke.

“Aki no? Please stop talking man! This is spooky. Can’t you put on something at least, to make it less weird for me?” Henry saw the feet turn and head to Jeff’s room. Henry plunked himself on the chair and stared, he was so dumbfounded.

He looked at his watch, it was midnight, “the witching hour,” he thought. He screamed out in prayer as if it was an overnight prayer meeting of 500 people. In mid prayer he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder and jolted. He sighed recalling that his brother or what was left of him was in the house. He looked and saw the form of a man in Jeff’s jungle book pajamas with a marvin seated on a head.

“What the heck Jeff?”
“I can explain.” Jeff responded.
“Don’t touch me again.” Henry said quite creeped out.
“Sawa! Aargh listen then!” Jeff retorted.


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