Disastrous joke

Sue had been crying all night. Her eyes were puffy and red; her mouth was dry, lips pale and ashy. She stood on the ledge of the balcony arms outstretched; eyes closed sucking in the cool and fresh morning breeze. She had nothing on save for Greg’s shirt.

Greg lay dead asleep in his boxers on the couch; he slept like a baby after making love to Sue. Everything was fine till he told her he wouldn’t want to marry her. She was devastated. She sobbed. Sue hadn’t loved anyone else ever, like she had Greg. They had been on this romantic whirlwind for 3 years. But it wasn’t till last night that Sue realised that she and her beau wanted two different things. She was now 45 years old and this was the first time in close to a decade she thought she had found something real. Someone who finally got her, loved her, wanted to build a family with her. She couldn’t believe it; Greg was sober when he said what he said, with a straight face. Sue couldn’t do it anymore.

She had been in numerous dead end relationships, dragging on for years ending the same way. They had grown bored of her, the play thing was of no use, and they got rid of her. Sue thought Greg was different, but it looked like she was wrong. Now as she soaked in the morning sunshine and the cool morning breeze wrapping itself around her. She felt exhilarated. The wind came in small bouts of gush flipping the shirt up and showing the world her ‘glory’. After a few small bouts, she felt a huge gush come in and she let go. Eyes closed plummeting down floors upon floors of their 21st floor apartment, arms outstretched on either side.

A car alarm went off with a crashing thud and screams were heard. Greg didn’t flinch. He woke up 4 hours later on that Saturday morning calling out for Sue. There was no response. He thought Sue had stepped out to grab some breakfast, so he turned on the radio and heard the news.

“…21st floor…woman…jumped…this morning…suicide…” Greg panicked, that was his building they called out on radio. His apartment was the only one on the 21st floor. He heard the commotion outside and he saw her, spread eagle on top of a car roof. Gone. Just like that. Gone.

“I was joking Sue, I loved you. I swear I love you! He pulled out his engagement ring from his robe pocket.” He wept bitterly and fell in a sobbing heap on the floor.


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