Curious Abscence

Sara dashed as fast as she could to her grandmother’s place. Her grandmother sounded really distressed. She had been ill for the past couple of months and had refused to see a doctor. Sara got home running in to the house yelling!

“Mama! Grandma?! Muuum!”

“What is it Sara? Are you ok?” Sara’ s mother asked.

Sara was flushed her mum grabbed her and held her to her tight. Sara began mumbling about Grandmother. Her mum kissed her on the head and looked her in her eyes. Mum gave an assuring smile.

“Mum?” Sara was now smiling with a quizzical look on her face. What really was going on, as she slowly pulled away from her mum she bumped into someone.

“And where are you going?” a frail voice spoke. “Grandma!” Sara rammed into her, she chuckled so hard her body began to shake. Grandma was fine. So what was the emergency all about?

“Come let me show you something.” Grandmother reached out to Sara holding her hand, leading her in to the dining room. At the table a little boy sat twiddling his thumbs. He wasn’t any older than 6. He seemed really bored, his head hung and he was completely bald.

“Hello there?” Sara leaned in to have a closer look at the shy boy. He turned his head slightly gazing at her blushed and chuckled then covered his face with his hands. He squealed in so much excitement. Sara picked him up off the seat smothering him with kisses. He laughed so hard, his laughter was pure and infectious everyone began to laugh. He wiggled his little feet.

Sara put him down then went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

“He is so cute Mama. What’s his name? Whose son is he?”

Sara’s mum’s face turned somber. As Sara turned as she sipped her juice from her glass leaning on the counter, her mum shook her head remorsefully. Sara looked at her confused. She opened her eyes and her mum nodded. Sara shook her head in disbelief. They seemed to be having a conversation without words. When mum closed her eyes and nodded her head, Sara’s mouth fell ajar and she lost grip of her glass; it fell to the floor splattering its contents all over her feet and her mother’s shattering into small pieces.

“Nooooo! Nooooo! June! Not June Mama! Nooooo!”



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