Eco Warrior

The blades of the helicopter sliced though the air frantically. It had been circling the deep forest for hours. They had sighted a distress signal but couldn’t seem to locate a place to land in the thicket. There was a slight clearing and the pilot could see some movement below. As he looked intently trying to figure it out, he yelled out at his crew to drop the ladder. He thought he had sighted the missing Private, Milya.

Milya had been running a covert operation in the thick of the Kakamega forest milling through the ecosystem in to the DR Congo side of the ecosystem. Milya had been sent to train and arm a new resistance whose main purpose was to protect the ecosystem of the sole rainforest left on earth. The Amazon had been completely decimated and indigenous populations and cultures completely wiped out with no historical evidence of their existence or way of life. It had been 100 years since and this was the sole natural ecosystem holding human existence.

Milya had been in and out of the ecosystem over the past 2 years, but the last year had seen him station himself in Kakamega city. The East African city had a huge military powerhouse that had fought to preserve the ecosystem for the past 25 years. The last two years had seen a violent takeover of stations in the DR Congo decimating 4 Kakamega platoons. Milya was there to solely revitalize, re-arm, recruit train and refine tactics against the enemy.

Milya had sent in 15 platoons and stationed them in 10 strategic regions in the forest to fight. He had been off radio for 5 days at a time. But the recent 2 week radio silence got his superiors concerned. They sent in air support to pull him out. But what the pilot was seeing now, wasn’t a friendly troop. The individual they saw threw the foliage signaled and just like that an RPG!

A huge explosion rocked the air sending waves through the forest. Milya had a scope to his eye watching his target; the rebel leader of the Kichaka rebel group. As the explosion’s sound rippled through the air, he saw the rebel leader pause. The rebel leader smiled and signaled, the troops screamed and ran into formation in full combat gear. This was the first time that happened. It was the sign; the rebel leader had declared war. Who would win? Who would save the forest? Who would save the world?


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