Perpetual torment

There was a muffled sound of struggling in the rodent infested room reeking of blood. Walls mouldy; polka dotted with mildew. There was a scratching sound against the cold concrete ground, then a chair fell and rats scuttled away squealing. A chocolate face blindfolded in blood stained rags and mouth gagged with masking tape wrapped round the lower section of her face. The masking tape left only a bit of room for a regal looking nose; nostrils hyperactive and pulsating in flairs.

It was a woman, her bloody and sweat stained vest was tattered and discoloured, revealing a robust bosom clad in a faded bra. She stank. Her khaki pants stained at the groin, a stench of menses, urine and faeces flooded her body. Her nose trumpeted out a gust of breath. Her head suddenly began to turn from side to side seeking. Seeking for what? It was not apparent. Her blindness heightened her hearing and whatever she heard calmed her down; her panting slowed to steady breathing. She fell from her kneeling position to her belly, face on the floor lips kissing the smelly and dirt laden floor. The woman feels warmth and an unusual brightness overwhelming her. A bright light now shines and reveals the true extent of her filth. The woman was a soiled and stinking mess.

“GET UP!” a husky tenor called out. The woman squirmed on the ground, turning her head the opposite direction of the sound. Then through the masking tape a wild moan emanated as the man ripped her braids from her hair as he yanked her by them forcing her to rise. The blindfold was now forming wet patches around her eyes; tears began to stream down her cheeks to the ground she now knelt on; her nostrils flaring once again.

“CHEBET!” The voice called out again.

The woman turned in the direction of the voice as if in response to the name. She began to mumble through the gag. A loud slap turned the mumbles into a muffled groan. Her head hanging heavily tears streaming down, her body now shuddering. Her body language yelled exhaustion. A loud clapping sound and the woman fell to the ground trembling with a stream of urine flowing through her khakis. She banged her head against the ground she couldn’t do it anymore. Her moaning sounded like an animal just about to die. Again she was yanked by her braids and her blindfold removed. Her eyes opened up to a high voltage florescent light. Her moan sounded like a curdled scream, saliva building up through the masking tape gag spewed; some heading for her nose and down her face.

Chebet closed her eyes. The man laughed hysterically and pulled out a Swiss knife. Chebet squeezed her eye lids together, tears gushing down her face. She felt something pressing against her face. It slithered steadily down the masking tape. And just like that she could talk again. She quickly closed her mouth and shook her head in dismay; the foulness of her breath disgusted her. She opened her eyes the floodlight was gone, the figure in the dark walked toward a steel door.

“LEAVE NOW! Before I change my mind!” The man had a smirk on his face.

Chebet was completely stunned. She just sat there staring helplessly. She began to sob, shoulders drooped, body shuddering her mouth now forming weird shapes corresponding with the unusual moaning sounds of an exhausted woman. She had not seen anyone or said anything for the past 3 days. She was so weak, so thirsty and hungry. She staggered to her feet, and found herself leaning on a wall. She leaned on the wall for a few seconds then gathered momentum and staggered toward the exit. Her hands still tied tight behind her back. She sobbed looking at the bright and beautiful fields beyond the door. When she finally got to the door, the man cut her hands free and shoved her to the ground.

Chebet screamed and landed face first into mud. She lifted her muddy countenance with a smile plastered on it. She was free at last. Chebet rolled to her back and let the sun kiss her dirty face. Then a few minutes later, a huge shadow was cast on her face. Chebet opened her eyes revealing an unpleasantly familiar being, she began to scream and kick with what energy she had left. The ordeal wasn’t over yet.


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