Queer diligence

Jesse had this weird falling feeling. He was seated in front of his desk at the office. He was typing away his usual reports and felt this awkward feeling. It felt as if someone had an invisible rope and was trying to pull him to the ground. He would find himself leaning awkwardly to the left almost toppling over with his chair. Then he would pull himself up.

He then felt as if a rope had been tied to the centre of his head and someone was now tugging him backwards. His chair began to scrape awkwardly along the floor, his workmates wondering what in the world Jesse was up to. Jesse just sat there completely submissive to the invisible force.

The pulling stopped and Jesse sat up. He wheeled his chair to his desk, looking around to gauge just how many people may have seen this queer behavior. Everyone was staring at him, wide eyed, some concerned, some condemning some lost in their look. Jesse looked at them, then at his screen, then back at them then to the keyboard, before him, and shrugged, and went on typing.

This wasn’t the first time that Jesse had been acting awkwardly in the office. It was a series of unusual and mostly unexplainable conduct. Most people dismissed him as the guy with the unusual ticks with some sort of ‘yet to be discovered’ medical condition. Last month Jesse was obsessed with his right foot, while typing he would groan then lift his right foot and plonk it on his table and tap on the table. This would go on for ten or so minutes then he would sit up and type as normal.

Why was he still working at our office? Well that was a great question to ask. Only that it would only be relevant if he wasn’t a diligent worker in a special needs organization. It is always nice to employ the people you are advocating for right?


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