Murder most foul

She was screaming violently; hysterically she was inconsolable who wouldn’t have been? Michelle had just come back from her morning jog. She found the door ajar; curiously she peeled off her hoodie revealing her sweaty matted hair in little braids draping the sides of her head. She unplugged her ear pods and inched in to the room calling out.

“Steph! Are you up already? That would be new.” She laughed. She looked at her watch it was 6.30am. The sun had risen bright and early. Michelle accidentally knocked a glass over, luckily it was empty.

“How many times?” She muttered shaking her head, leaning down to pick up the glass. She turned to call out her roommate’s name again and her lungs gave way to a wild scream. There was blood all over the west wall splattered all over the amplifier and TV set and hanging right above the set was Stephanie pinned to the wall like an animal skin rug. Mouth ajar, eyes rolled back showing the whites, she had nails in her skull, hands and her legs and toes were spread eagle. Michelle was glued to the spot. Her screaming was silenced but her body trembled violently.

Her screaming was heard in the corridor and apartment door locks began to turn rhythmically; some locking, some unlocking. Cyrus, their next door neighbour, walked through the open door; his knees gave in at the scene and he fell to the ground. He took a series of deep breaths not looking up at the wall but to the ground and crawled right behind Michelle.

“Michelle?” He gently whispered, unable to muster much else. Michelle was startled and quickly turned and recognized him. She thrust herself upon him and whimpered violently, as he arose from the ground, her body shuddering. Cyrus tucked his chin in her shoulder and held her tight. A few more neighbours emerged with gasps, more screams and in the background phone calls could be heard.

“999? Does the damn number work?” one voice says.

“Hello Afande?” another voice seems to have called a police officer they knew.

“Mum, you won’t believe this?” another voice seemed to be spreading the word.

There were clicks of cameras with flashes. Cyrus stepped out of the apartment with Michelle and shut the door behind them. They sat outside the door till the police arrived. It was all a blur; the questioning, the ransacking through their belongings. All Michelle recalls is being asked to come to the police station and seeing her best friend and roommate whisked off in a blanket hand held by two police officers.

Michelle walked hand in hand with Cyrus, nothing was said, no glances were shared, heads hung to the ground.


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