Belly detector

Peter had been craving meat for a very long time. It was the dry season; everyone was starving in the Agelo village. But that was not to deter him for his insatiable carnivorous quest. The sun was now setting and most of the homes were ablaze with sounds of kneading in pots of Ugali but the smell accompanying the burning Ugali was either gooey or leafy. Peter walked past several homes until he arrived at the Kayango’s.

The smell of roast chicken had wafted through the village drawing him in. Kui was busy in the kitchen putting finishing touches to her meal of Ugali, delicious green veggies; osuga and the divine mouth watering chicken. Kui was now kneading the large Ugali. Guests had come over to visit and she had seen the need to honour their presence with three well bred hens. Everyone was salivating including the village meal klepto.

Kui finished cooking her meal and called out to her daughter to bring the serving bowls. Her daughter took too long and Kui stepped out of the kitchen and walked to the cupboard in the main house less than a metre away. She took less than 5 minutes to pick the serving bowls. On her return, the entire pot of boiling hot chicken stew was gone. Just like that! Kui went berserk, yelling at her daughter.

“But Mum I was in the house all along setting the table. I was in the house when you picked the bowls I was to bring to you.”Kui’s daughter was stunned by her mother’s accusation.

Kui was speechless.


Peter was pawing through the boiling stew, wolfing down the delicious chicken gizzard, drum sticks and breast. He could not believe his luck, not one, not two but three hens at his disposal. He ate to his fill and roared out a burp and fart.

“A double toast to the chef” he said amidst the bushes in laughter.


Kui had heard of the food Klepto but she didn’t believe he existed till she found her pot of chicken 100 metres away from her kitchen. There was nothing left inside but chicken bones. This may sound like fiction but in the small village of Oware in Central Alego in Western Kenya, Peter exists and thrives wiggling his protruding belly around for the next hot fleshy meal.


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