Mystic Living

Andrea shut the front door, holding on the door handle intently looking through the glass front door. She gazed in through the front door forlorn. She held that look for about 2 minutes, she was disrupted by the sound of her neighbour opening his front door.

“Hi Derrick!” She said quite dutifully.

Derrick nodded and walked passed her down the hallway to the gate. Andrea had been staring at him as he walked away. She sighed looked into her apartment again, head hung, hand still on the door handle.

“Why?” she muttered under her breath. She let go of the door handle and walked to the apartment block’s main gate. She turned her key staring back in the direction she had come from. Head hung, tears welling up. She walked through the gate and emerged into a new realm all together.

People walked backwards and spoke Sheng in reverse. She hopped on to her bike and sped off in reverse revving her way past the milling crowds garbed purely in black flowing outfits. Andrea stood out most with her blue jeans on the back of her orange bike. She sped as fast as she could, her speedometer gradually inching from 80,90,100,120,130,140,150, she was going going, going, going back in time. Andrea hit 200km/hr she felt a strong suction and just like that, she was on the same highway, now dilapidated, sprouting grass with no vehicles. It was filled with colourfully dressed people.

Two women passed her with baskets of fresh fruit, high fiving and chatting animatedly. Andrea just sat on her bike watching, a bicycle bell rang and a man in a hat waved at her. He greeted her in a language she didn’t seem to understand. School children milled passed her in blue and white checkered uniform in snow white socks and shiny black shoes. Their rucksacks swinging on their backs as they ran past the numerous women bearing goods. Andrea hopped off her bike, peeled off her helmet and jacket and laid them on the bike. She put her keys in her back pocket and walked hypnotically toward the women. She was drawn to them, she didn’t know why; there was one woman in particular that she couldn’t stop staring at.

“Selena, ebu njo!” One of the many woman called out to the woman Andrea was fixated on.

“Selena!” Andrea gasped out loud rushing towards the woman who was laying out her wares. Andrea stopped abruptly in front of her reaching out to her. Selena lifted her arm as if to greet Andrea, Andrea felt nothing, but Selena shook a hand. Andrea looked down and noticed a hand was going right through her, Selena was having a conversation with the owner of the hand. I was the man who was on the bicycle. What was going on?

“Selena! Selena! Selena!” Andrea began to yell to get her attention, no one around her noticed her, save for the man on the bike whose eyes would shift from side to side as Andrea called out. The man completed his conversation with Selena and grabbed Andrea by the forearm and walked her away.

“LET GO OF ME!” Andrea demanded shaking the man off. He spoke in a language that was completely unfamiliar to Andrea, though when he spoke to Selena it was in Swahili. Andrea had no clue what was going on. There was something off.


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