Oooooomph! Ooooooomph! The music was pulsating through the room, heels trotting on the stage like horses on a track. It was a floodgate of women in tight, exaggerated and flamboyant outfits. Red, lime, flaming orange against royal purple any blind person would see again with that much colour strutting around the room. Dresses ready for take-off others barely existing heels as high as the heavens and toes sprawled like werewolves paws on the ground. Eyes piercing through the soul, others luring to evil pleasure. It was sensational.

“I love this shoooowww!”

“I know right? Look at that dress!”

“Oooh my word!” The girls chorused, they couldn’t help themselves they had such a blast! Clink! Went the champagne glasses! All drowned by the applause from the audience. The night was coming to an end and they needed something else to do after the fashion show. Sulah was more of the overzealous kind, she pounced on one of the male models after the show, that left Zubeida stuck wondering what to do next. She was the calm and sober one just out to let off some steam.

“Bye! Catch you later!” Sulah laughed waving Zubeida farewell in the arms of the chiselled runway god. Zubeida waved back playfully gesturing that Sulah call her. It was 10 pm, Zubeida looked at her watch and decided to drive to Ali’s place; it was near the hotel. About 10 minutes later she was hooting at his gate. He happily frolicked out of the front door to open the gate.

“Sema Mrembo!” Ali always knew what to say.

“Hi Ali!” Zubeida playfully responded.

“Josh, Sue and Sarah are in the house. Perfect you came over!”

“Cool!” Zubeidda uttered as she turned on the car alarm. They walked in to the house amidst a light argument with Sue’s playful grunts as a backdrop.

“What are you two rambling on about?” Zubeida asked playfully. The girls screamed and jumped up to hug her. The men shrugged their shoulders as always looking at the girls and shaking their heads knowingly.

“Where is Sulah?” Sue was curious.

“Where would you think she would be after a fashion show Sue?”

“mmmmm” Sarah remarked in laughter. “Who is the guy?”

Zubeida crossed her legs and leaned in toward the girls whispering “a fashion gawwwd!” The girls cackled and high five-d each other.

The laughter was disrupted by a violent screech and banging at the gate. The room fell still and they all looked at each other. Ali stood up and rushed to the front door. He peeped through the hole, it was dark; he put on the porch lights and quickly opened the front door. A car screeched and zoomed past, Sulah was high as a kite, bleeding from her mouth and from elsewhere which wasn’t apparently clear.

“Njush!” was what she said repeatedly incoherently it sounded like baby babble.



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