It all ends

He stood behind her and wrapped his arms round her waist, Anna leaned back on his chest and sighed pleasantly. Her eyes closed hands clasped on his they stood and said nothing. They didn’t have to speak they both knew. Andre leaned down and kissed Anna on her forehead, Anna smiled and whispered, “I love you!”

“You complete me” Andre responded. Anna giggled childishly and turned to face Andre. He looked in to her eyes, Anna tip toed and looked into Andre’s; her gaze dropped to Andre’s lips and he leaned in for a kiss. His supple lips against her rich red lips; the gentle turn of their heads to gently share their love was a pleasant scene. People around them walked away, shying off, some smiled, some sneered, some yearned. They gently pecked in conclusion and Anna turned round; back leaning on Andre’s chest. They both sighed with huge smiles and star stricken gazes. Andre held on Anna’s waist tighter.

“Let’s go!” Anna said, her turned to face him again, drowned in love she nodded and with a blink she whispered “stay with me forever.” Andre smiled. “I’m never going to leave” as he flung back his shoulder length jet black Samsonite locks, dimples deep and provocative. The couple strolled in the poorly lit street. Shifting gazes from each other to the starlit heavens. Andre sheepishly pulled out his phone and scrolled through his playlist. Anna was getting impatient, she thought he was busy chatting or texting. He hit the button and Toni Braxton’s “Fairytale” began to play.

“Awww! Honey…!” Anna jumped on Andre and smothered him with kisses. Andre laughed hysterically. “You are one crazy lady” he remarked lifting her from his waist and setting her 5 foot frame down to the ground. Anna laughed with a chuckle that sounded like a car refusing to engage ignition. That tickled Andre, he burst in to his earth shattering laugh, head craned back, dreads swimming in the air.

His laugh was cut short by a scream from Anna who now sounded distant. Andre straightened himself and looked at the direction the sound was coming from. Anna was on the ground being pulled by her braids by a dark figure. Who seemed to strategically move where the street lights didn’t fall.

Andre dashed, yelling, “Mwache! Leave her! Mwizi! Leave her!” Andre caught up with the man and pounced on him. As he leapt yelling, the man lost grip of Anna and let her head hit the ground violently she was now bleeding and in and out of consciousness. Andre pummeled the man. The man pulled out a jagged edge blade, he took a swipe at Andre but missed, a struggle ensued.

After a 5 minute struggle Andre managed to get the blade and attempted to stab the man; but he got away. Andre quickly dashed to Anna’s side, she was still breathing. He whipped out his phone to call for help. It was gone. He yelled, no one answered. Andre lifted Anna and carried her over his shoulder jogging to the nearest place he could get assistance sobbing loudly. Anna wasn’t going to make it.


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