Botched break up

Mueni could not believe what just happened. She had met with George for dinner to end a 15 year relationship. For 15 years she thought she had known him, but the last few years proved otherwise. George was like a huge haze that never quite made sense; a mirage. She had been rehearsing her pointers for weeks prior to and figuring out how to end the friendship amicably. George was a gentleman and a decent man, hard to find, but there were elements of his personal traits that Mueni just couldn’t stand.

It was a dance trying to figure out whether it was worth tossing away 15 years of friendship. She had been mourning this loss for weeks prior to dinner. This was the first time in a long time that they met. And would be the final; at least that is what Mueni thought.

George joined her at dinner which kicked off well; Mueni was bursting to turn the conversation into the planned trajectory. It just seemed George was completely oblivious that he had caused Mueni any pain. At dessert, Mueni couldn’t handle the pent up frustration anymore and blurted, “This is goodbye!”

George was in mid sentence when Mueni burst out. His dessert fork fell to his plate and he stared at her bug eyed in disbelief. He watched her ramble and said nothing. When Mueni finally fell silent 10 minutes later, George was tight lipped and evidently livid. He stayed silent as he always did in those situations and continued to savour his dessert. Mueni was now bug eyed, mouth agape and twitching. She almost said something, threw her napkin on the table and went to the bathroom. George sighed long and gently, his eyes steadily closing then he took another helping of his dessert.

Mueni broke down in the bathroom completely confused, she had done what most women do, created a script, when he responded the way he did it completely threw her off. There was no remorse just the usual blank look. George just couldn’t handle that much emotion, Mueni knew this and knew it well. But after weeks of the four words of ‘death’; ‘We Need To Talk’ and complete indifference from George this, he should have at least foreseen, was going to happen.

Mueni had desperately tried to avoid the ‘we need to talk’ line, but it is what it is really. What George was dismissive about was the fact that the more he postponed this conversation the sobriety of it was going to steadily simmer out. The emotion would then take over from Mueni’s frustration.

Mueni emerged from the bathroom, face pale and sat at the table. She was disappointed. She couldn’t muster any words. She looked down at her dessert and took a scoop at it, she could barely chew. The next thing she knew, George said, ‘I heard you, I really did. I will be in touch.” This wasn’t a bloody job interview! Where was he going? So much for closure, Mueni was left baffled and stunned.


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