Pause for action

A bus zoomed by, then a delivery man on a scooter, Akoth sat at the bus stop waiting. A bus stopped at the bus stop and three people alighted, Akoth exchanged gazes with the three passengers and gazed at the clouds. Her bag was clutched tightly on her lap, she wasn’t taking any chances. The last passenger who seemed to ‘innocently’ alight made straight for her bag and almost made it away. She was saved by passersby who tripped the man and beat him up.

It had been two hours and there was no sign of the person Akoth seemed to be waiting for. She constantly sighed and shook her head, reached in to her bag and touched up her lips with lip gloss. She had a forlorn look on her face. Something was bothering her but it seemed more than the waiting.

An army truck stopped at the bus stop for a few minutes, Akoth stood up and went round to the driver’s side. It wasn’t clear what she told him, he shook his head sternly then a few seconds later burst out in laughter. Akoth went round the back of the truck and to the front again and tapped on the passenger window of the front cabin and winked at the driver. Akoth sat down again patiently bobbing her crossed legs at the bus stop.

As she sat on the bench an overdressed young girl of the ‘freeze and shine’ caliber waltzed toward her in a miniskirt with black stockings and hoochie red heels and a halter neck top with nothing but her goose bumped back to show off her attempt to look sexy and cold. Akoth looked at the child and barked, “Aren’t you cold?”

The young lass sneered, popped her gum and ruminated on it like a cow. The young lass, leaned on one of the columns of the bus stop shifting her weight uncomfortably from one foot to the next while on her smart phone with white ear phones blasting music. Akoth walked up to the girl and asked concerned, “Do you want to take a load off? Those shoes look like quite a work out.” The young girl had been standing for 45 minutes her countenances softened and nodded and walked to sit next to Akoth who offered her a shawl to stay warm.

It had now been a five hour wait and Akoth was tempted to give up her wait and head home. The young lass had been picked up by her equally overdressed boyfriend; a five minute public display of affection and they were off. Akoth sneered and shook her head. At exactly 3.15pm a Nissan X trail flashing its lights pulled into the bus stop. Akoth stood and yelled, “Finally!”

Akoth opened the door, revealing the driver, the army truck driver, and off they drove off with a sunken car boot leaving a bloody trail behind them.


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